Sunday, July 26, 2009

Be Kind, Rewind - Episode 63 - The Knitmore Girls Podcast


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abstract fiberThis week: New colors! Look for Bonfire, Portland, Cordelia, and more. Our yarn will also be featured at Knit Purl’s booth in a limited edition color, Rose City, available only for Sock Summit. You can pre-order Rose City now at Come visit us at the Summit, we’ll be in booth 909. We’re also available online every day at

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This week: The Purlescence Purl Girls are Dyeing for Glory. Nathania and Kaye have dyed up three beautiful colorways for the Ravelry/Sock Summit Dye For Glory competition. Look for Melantha in the Predictable Stripes category, Oregon Berry Harvest in the Painted category, and Purplescence in the Shaded Solids category. Cast your vote on Ravelry by August 1. All three colorways will be available for sale at Sock Summit and afterwards in the shop. We're taking preorders now. Send us an email ( or call the shop to place your order for pick up at Sock Summit, in the shop, or mail order! One-of-a-kind skeins of Purl Up & Dye will also be available in Booth 818, where you can come meet the Knitmore Girls Saturday at noon!

Events: (00:28)

- Sock Summit: Aug. 6-9. Portland, OR. Come to our meet and greet- Saturday August 8th at noon, in the Purlescence Yarns and Abstract Fiber booths.
-Monterey Wool Auction: [Click on "Sunday"] August 16th, 12:30 PM.
-PIQF: October 15-18. Santa Clara convention center.
On the Needles: (2:52)

Gigi is nearly done with her dishcloth baby blanket. Jasmin is working on a toe-up, striped sock made out of the Conjoined Creations Flat Feet and black Regia for contrast. Gigi is knitting a vanilla sock with a channel island cast on. Jasmin is nearly finished with her Adamas shawl, and she went to buy The Perfect Beads after they finished recording.

Gigi proposes a Block Fest. Jasmin refers to Anne Hansen's blog, and the Block Fest she had. Gigi continues to work on her On the Vine scarf by Brenda Patipa. Gigi is working on finishing her Houndstooth Bag by Nicky Epstein; Gigi learns to trust. Jasmin mentions that she likes Nicky Epstein's edge series.

Jasmin talks about Sophie's cozies, machine knitting the centers, and handknitting/crocheting the edgings. Jasmin talks about the 3/50 project, and the local lingerie shop she likes (Besos, in Los Gatos).
Mother Knows Best: (22:14)

Gigi and Jasmin discuss courtesy. Here is the Yarn Harlot's blog post. Jasmin suggests (when you're frustrated) to use Dr. Gemma's radical acceptance strategy (part 1, part 2).

Reviews: (31:24)

The Conjoined Creations Flat Feet sock yarn. They talk about Ramen, and Ramen Yarn.

Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson. Jasmin talks about the magic of proportions and percentages, has a toe-up sock success experience, and admits to having never read Elizabeth Zimmermann's work.

Straw into Gold: (51:03)

Tour de Fleece is over. Jasmin is ultra-proud of her yellow jersey! Jasmin talks about plying and getting maximum yardage out of slightly unevenly weighted bobbins.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Verb for Having Fun - Episode 62 - The Knitmore Girls Podcast


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This week: Merino fiber dyed by Pagewood Farms. Available by weight. Local folks, come learn to spin with us in our Drop Spinning Basics class, starting July 25.

On the Needles: (00:27)

ROAD TRIP! We go up to Berkeley with Miss Kalendar (from Brass Needles) to A Verb for Keeping Warm and Lacis.

Jasmin's favorite thing at Verb- the 70% Superwash Merino/ 30% Silk sock yarn. Gigi's is the Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend, dyed with Indigo. (Not on the Verb website yet, sorry!)

Lacis is delightfully overwhelming. Gigi describes a chatelaine. You can see Jasmin's pictures here. Jasmin discusses circular shawls, "Alison" shawls, the Mandala shawl that GretchDragon
knit for her, and the circular blocking wire. Gigi's favorite thing of the day were the Iris Silk pins!

Jasmin found a notions pouch at Target. (She shares Jackie's, of KIPing it Real, love of school supplies.) Not available online, but it's the Innovative Storage Designs Pencil Pouch.

We discuss "The Fashion Show". In the finale, Anna has a knit dress [picture #5] (reminiscent of the Venus Rising Cardigan, by Lucy Neatby).

Jasmin is knitting the Cable and Cowl Cardigan by Mathew Gnagy out of Cascade Eco + (in navy blue). Jasmin drafted up a chart, made some changes, and is loving her Leslie Wind Cable Needle Necklace.

Gigi is working on her acrylic baby blanket, and practiced different joins because of the Lucy Neatby DVDs. (Jasmin has a retraction, and directs you to look at the DVD content list on Lucy's site.)

Jasmin's Adamas has rows that are getting longer. And longer. And longer. Jasmin has been wearing her Katarina around and about!

Thanks to Susan Rife, for her lovely article in the Herald Tribune!

Events: (33:26)
- Sock Summit: Aug. 6-9. Portland, Oregon. Meet and greet TBD.
- Monterey Wool Auction: [Click on "Sunday"] August 16th, 12:30
- PIQF: October 15-18. Santa Clara Convention center. Gigi is taking a class from Robbi Joy Ecklow.

Mother Knows Best: (35:04)

Gigi discusses lining knits. She uses her Nicky Epstein Striped Houndstooth bag as an example. Gigi talks about a class she took on lining knits from Jean Frost (author of Jean Frost Jackets), and recommends that anyone interested in lining knits take it.

When KNITTERS Attack! (43:34)

Knitters are patient- UNLESS- they're waiting for a yarn shop to open.

Straw into Gold: ( 45:36)

Tour de Fleece: Stage 15. Jasmin admits to being a lousy draft rider.

Jasmin has finished her Mango from Redfish Dyeworks, her Albatross from Crown Mountain, and only has to ply Tallulah. Post your finished stuff/works in progress to the Team Spinmore thread!

Jasmin finished spinning some Tussah silk (from A Verb for Keeping Warm, color Vermillion II). She has wound the first ounce onto a plastic bobbin. (Alden Amos' book can be found here.) It is going to grow up to be a handspun Aeolian, which ChloeSparkle and Miss Kalendar are doing as well.

Jasmin is spinning some Abstract Fiber 50% Cashmere / 50% silk in "solids" (blue) which will grow up to be a Cold Mountain stole.

Gigi bought some "Gentle" from Lacis for a lace wrap.

Jasmin has a moment of weakness in the Lace Gauntlet Throwdown.

Director's Cut: Selecting a fleece - The Knitmore Girls Podcast


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Sandi Luck (from Purlescence Yarns) discusses selecting fleeces.

When picking a fleece:

1- Smell it. Does it smell wrong? Sour? Ill. That's a "no" sign.
2- Has it been jacketed? They are less likely to grow mold or have sunbunt tips.
3- Is there a whole lot of vegetable matter?
4- Has the fleece been skirted?
5- How do the fibers look? Is there a noticeably damaged location?
6- Snap the lock by your ear. Does it sound like a guitar string? That's good. Crackling is bad.
7) Look out for short cuts.

If you can't touch the fleece, listen closely to the judging.

Judging is done by:

1) Staple length, by breed
2) Color quality
3) Strength of fiber
4) Damaged tips
5) quality of Shearing

With micron count: Low numbers are soft, high numbers are coarse.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marshmallow-free! - Episode 61 - The Knitmore Girls


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This week: The Flip Loom, newly arrived from Schacht Spindle Company. It's a well-designed rigid heddle loom, perfect for the beginning weaver. Also received: mini Loom Kits, a small square loom great for teaching kids to weave. Check out their selection of weaving books to get you on the road to weaving beautiful fabrics.

Events: (00:26)

- Sock Summit: August 6-9
- Monterey Wool Auction, [Click on "Sunday] (August 16th, 12:30 PM)
- Pacific International Quilt Festival. October 15-18, 2009
On the Needles: (5:20)

Gigi is working on her red acrylic dishcloth blanket (now, marshmallow-free!). She dissolved the marshmallow with room temperature tap water.

[Jasmin is sending out requests for your favorite acrylic yarns. Please send the names of your favorite acrylics to us at knitmoregirlsATyahooDOTcom.]

Jasmin is still working on her Adamas Shawl (knit from the Valley Yarns, Colrain Lace. Color: Grape Jelly). Jasmin encourages you to use stitch markers when you're knitting lace, if you need to, if you want to, etc. Jasmin is a big fan of the stitch markers from Knitpicks (especially the brass ones for lace).

Jasmin sings the praises of Regia Sock yarn. Jasmin talks about Andrew's Favorite Colorway 4739. She also talks about her first handknit sock hole.

Jasmin got to join Síle from Knit-One-One, Jacey Boggs (of the Insubordiknit podcast and the Sit and Spin DVD), Maia from Tactile, and WonderMike (from YKnit).

Jasmin tells an Amazing Customer Service story.
Mother Knows Best: (31:31)

We discuss ease. You can find the HOAX fashion formula here.
Reviews: (41:20)

Interweave Knits- Collection CDs. (Jasmin mentions the Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood.)

Lucy Neatby's Knitting Essentials, Disc 1. (By the way, here's the list of techniques for this DVD.) [One of the cool things you can do is convert the DVD to be played on your iPod using Handbrake.]

Straw into Gold: (1:00:00)

Tour de Fleece update: Jasmin has snapped her driveband. As a break from her TdF stuff, Jasmin is spinning some Tussah Silk from A Verb for Keeping Warm. (Color: Vermillion II) GO TEAM SPINMORE!!!

Gigi has joined the Tour de Finish.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ready. Set. Spin MORE! - Episode 60 - The Knitmore Girls

adamas cu
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purl logoThis week: The Purlescence Purl Girls are taking a bit of vacation time, and will be closed Tuesday 6/30 through Tuesday 7/7. Look for a great big summertime sale July 10-13 when they’ve reopened.Worldwide shipping is available. Mention that you’re a listener and they’ll include Knitmore Girls swag with your order.

Events: (00:27)

- Sock Summit, August 6-9. Meet and greet still TBD.
- Monterey Wool Auction [Click on "Sunday"] August 16th. 12:30PM
On the needles: (2:10)

Gigi is knitting the Annie Modesitt Ruffled Roses scarf. She is also casting on the Origami Pullover (FT-66). Jasmin is knitting the Adamas Shawl (by Miriam Felton) out of the Colrain Lace yarn (in Grape Jelly). Gigi is on the last inch of her second Coriolis sock, and she found the second ball of her "Franklin's Panopticon" sock yarn! Now she can finish her pair of Par Five

Mother Knows Best: (6:01)

Don't like it? Dye it. We discuss adventures (and failures) in playing with color.
When Knitting Attacks: (11:43)

Gigi's Scandinavian socks go AWOL. Gigi gets roasted marshmallow on her dishcloth baby blanket.
Straw into Gold: (15:49)

Jasmin encourages you to join Team Spinmore for the Tour de Fleece. Her goal is to ply up all of her unfinished projects. Put our button on your blog!

Spinmore logo

Jasmin talks about Lazy Kates: vertical Kate, arched Kate, angled Kate. (Call Morgaine at Carolina Homespun for these.)

Jasmin talks about top, plying, her love of Judith MacKenzie, and an update on her part of the Lace Gauntlet Throwdown. Jasmin's "desert island" fiber is the Crown Mountain Superwash.

Jasmin's Tour de Fleece Projects:

- Ply Tallulah so that she can cast on Mariah.
- Ply the mango colored RedFish Dyeworks 80% merino/ 20% tussah silk.
- Ply the Crown Mountain Superwash in "Albatross" for a pair of socks for Andrew.

Reviews: (32:44)

The Original Spinning Wheel cup holder. Totally awesome. One small fix: add adhesive velcro to the inside to minimize play. (Magnified image of Velcro here.) Thumbs up!

The Woolee Winder. The "is it worth it?" thread on Ravelry. Thumbs up!