Monday, March 28, 2011

Doot doot dooooo - Episode 145 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the needles: (00:37)

Jasmin has finished the knitting on Meghan's Twist cardigan. We mention cverity's machine-sewn buttonhole. Gigi is bored with vanilla socks, which she bound off three of last week. Gigi has decided to cast on another of Rosemary Hill's shawls (Elektra).

Awesome finds this week- Eunny Jang's zipper tutorial video, and Caro Sheridan's zipper tutorial blog post. Gigi is making progress on her Olive Heather Skirt from Knitting 24/7.

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Events: (13:20)
- April 6-9: Camp KIP! (Check the site for the updates.)
- June 5th: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery
- June 24-26: Black Sheep Gathering. We're staying at the Courtesy Inn in Eugene, OR.

Contest: (17:33)
We announce the Mom 'N' Me contest! We want your stories about crafting with friends/family. Please have your entries in by 5/8/2011. Jasmin tells a story about Elphie "helping" with her knitting.

Prizes include:
- A copy of Westknits Book One and Two (SIGNED!)
- A Schacht Hi-Lo drop spindle kit
- How to Knit a Heart Back Home by Rachael Herron (SIGNED!)
- A Leslie Wind cable needle necklace
- A kit from Bar Maids- Shower scrub and a Lo-Lo Bar in "Vanilla Cake" and a jar of Face Pudding

Mother Knows Best: (27:44)

This week, Gigi talks about "old school" social networking.

Review: (34:52)

This week, we review "A Knitting Wrapsody" by Kristin Omdahl. We don't care for it.

... And sew on: (43:49)

Gigi talks about creative use of small spaces and small spurts of time.

Straw into Gold: (48:38)

The body of Andrew's sweater has been spun. Jasmin has started spinning the singles for the sleeves out of a Merino/Border Leicester cross from Hubbard Ranch. Laura joins us to tell the loom story.

We reference "Little Britain" and the Dennis Waterman sketch:


  1. I just love Little Brittan!!! Nice to meet a mutual fan. See you in 8 days!

  2. OH GIGI! Jasmin, your Mom is so right. A man in his early 60's told me he was afraid to use the soda machine because it just looked to complicated and he figured he would lose his money or break it! Most of us in the 50 and over crowd had our first experience with mainframes or pc's that you had to load the operating system before you could run a program. They were toys or work machines that broke constantly and the "normal" tech of pencil or typewriter was more reliable and faster. If we didn't keep up with the changes, well, we just gave up! Keep promoting the web and tech to us old fogies!

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  4. Ohh... that black and white woven material is so pretty.... I think I want to weave now. Oh crap, look what you did.... On second thought, I just want that when it's done! :P


  5. Jasmin - what was the dress you were talking about, the one you can tie in a number of ways?

    Great show as always!