Monday, September 21, 2020

Aggressively Punning - Episode 594 - The Knitmore Girls

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One minute PUPdate: Han's GoFundMe link

Knitgirllls 500 episodes 

Susanne from Handgemacht 10 years! Goodbye 

On the Needles:(0:36)

Gigi finished the second pair of Hue Loco knee high socks.

Jasmin is making steady progress, 2rd to last stripe on her Match and Move shawl.

(by Martina Behm #behmalong); knitting it in Black Cat Fibers Nomad Sock

Gigi is working on the 4th pair of Xmas socks,  in purple.

Gigi is swatching for another Treppenviertel cowl in a singles yarn from Lady Dye in apple colors 

Jasmin swatched and started her Jurek pullover in Lisa Souza Polwarth/Silk in “Styx”

Gigi knitted on the (RAVELRY LINK) Flickering shawl  out of grey and Styx in

Lisa Souza Dyeworks Deluxe Sock.  She is working on that at Jasmin’s house.

Gigi really likes her Akerworks tool kit

Jasmin finished the body on her Lawrenson Pullover in Oink Pigments Dapper “Mommy Dearest”.

Gigi worked on the Ridgeline cowl, R O Y G B I is done, Violet still remains .

Gigi has cast on another cowl with the Knitmore cowl dimensions in Onyx yarn. 

Jasmin finished her  emPower the People cowl in Onyx Fiber Arts DK “The Sky was purple”.  

Check your voter registration here. Here's the Vote Tracker

Gigi is knitting on an emPower the People cowl in Neighborhood Fiber Company DK in Remington.

Check your voter registration here. Here's the Vote Tracker

Gigi has finished another tentacle. Opus the octopus now had four finished legs 


The Operation Sock Drawer book will be published in October. Call or email Hicklebees for a PERSONALIZED, SIGNED preorder; we’ll be doing a signing LIVE on Instagram!

Bay Area Fiber Fair!  Ends October 15, 2020

XRX Stitches at Home 

Halloween Craft all The Things, Knitgirllls 

9/15/2020 to !0/31/2020

Mother Knows Best:(24:02)

Indulge yourself. Safely.

Terrible adult books with dragons.

Fun dragon books that Genevieve is reading (Wings of Fire series). 

Dealing with Dragons 

When Knitting Attacks: (30:26)

Gigi was working on the RidgeLine Cowl. Tuck was biasing.

emPower People cowl. She knitted too much

Knits in Space:(36:03)

Acorn tv  

Savile Row (show)

And Sew On:(39:53)

Gigi has remote class meetings of the tailoring class at Cañada college. 

She worked on a bound buttonhole sample   

There is a problem with her machine.  Also, her needle threader popped off.

Jasmin sewed masks. By herself, using this pattern.

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