Thursday, July 2, 2020

Decorator Crab - Episode 583 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:42)

Jasmin is on the second half of  her Match and Move shawl (by Martina Behm #behmalong); she's
Gigi wants to make knee high socks. Cast on Hue Loco. 4 socks on the needles one pair is past waste
yarn for heels 
Also, Vanilla is the new Black socks for Xmas gifts. I pair in pink Neon Now from a couple of Stitches
ago, one pair in bright striped yellow from a yarn swap. 
Jasmin finished the first sleeve of the Cardizen in Onyx Fiber Arts, and started the second.
Gigi had set up a preemie hat kit: she is making more
baby bear hats out of Jamison yarn, she found some yellow yarn, and is knitting bee hives .
Gigi is working on the Ochre Cardigan. Judy’s super stretchy bind off for the neckband (this is actually Jeny's super stretchy bind-off, not Judy's).
She has started on the
Gigi wants to make knee high socks. She cast on two skeins of Hue Loco. She has 4 socks on the
needles, one pair is past the waste yarn for heels 
Also, Vanilla is the new Black socks for Xmas gifts. I pair in pink Neon Now from Stitches 2018,
and one pair  in bright striped yellow from a yarn swap. 

In Stitches (23:23)
Gigi is wearing  the A line skirt from Beginning Clothing Construction class from West Valley College, and
she is sleeping under a Stack and Whack quilt.
Jasmin talks about the burrito pillow cases Gigi made for the kids

The Operation Sock Drawer book will be published in October
knitty.com   has a comprehensive list of events that have been canceled
Stash Dash 2020. Dates 5/22 to 8/22/20 #teamcuteknitter #beatbostonjen
The is some Stash Dash related trash talk
Tour de Fleece has started! #Team Sasquatch

Mother Knows Best:(35:12)
Do regular check ins

When Knitting Attacks: (40:11)
Gigi found turning the heel on the Vanilla sock challenging. Also, she used thick cotton for waste yarn.
It feels worsted size with sock yarn 
Chewie and Han help with the Match and Move.

by Lumi Karmitsa

Straw into Gold:(57:48)
Tour de Fleece! Jasmin is still spinning the Targhee/Romney/Angelina for the sweater from Morro Fleece

Knits in Space:(59:07)
JAWS at the drive in. Perfecting our experience. Social distance walks. Regular routines.

And Sew On:(1:01:32)
Gigi dug out a box of cut out sack gowns with envelope neckline. She is working on them assembly line
style. Still remaining are draw strings. Genevieve helped by sewing a basting line to help with turning the
The saga of missing accessory box: Now that Gigi can use the sewing machine again, she needs to
relearn how to use the computerized machine
Gigi likes to listen to the  Stitch Please! podcast

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