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An Extra Hand - Episode 421 - The Knitmore Girls

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To showcase these gorgeous gradients, Infinite Twist has worked up an easy Bias Scarf Kit featuring Fates and Graces. If you can k2tog and m1, you can knit this scarf!
Perfect for purse- or travel-knitting, and available in the Infinite Twist shop.
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On the Needles:(0:35)

Jasmin is finishing the button bands on the Gone Astray cardigan for Genevieve. Julia Farwell-Clay has a special discount for this pattern for Knitmore listeners (on Jasmin's project page) . She is using the Perfect Buttonhole pattern from Splendid Apparel

She loves the crochet slip stitch method of attaching the facing. Jasmin likes the ergonomic Swing crochet hook from Skacel. She has added her own touch to this technique to make it more efficient. Sometimes, she uses the Multi-hook tool. Gigi suggests the third hand tool. Jasmin also mentions Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton.

She is wondering about making a two ply out of her 3 ply yarn. She loves the Resolute yarn from Sincere Sheep. 

Jasmin says the flash drive chip cards from XRX (which aren't on their website yet) are called Stitchips. 

Gigi is working on the Bias Loop cowl,  from Churchmouse out of KnitMona in Silver and Gold.

Jasmin has made some progress on “Lionheart” out of Abstract Fiber’s “Diversity “ colorway..

Gigi finished the second pair of Gansey socks, and cast on for a pair of Chai Latte socks from C.C. Almon, and cast on for another pair tbd. She also finished knitting a preemie hat, and cast on a new one.

In Stitches:(23:00)

Gigi wore the Quynn hat, and is wearing the Lorelei cowl, Jasmin mentions Sivia Hardings Brambleberry cowl. Jasmin and Genevieve wore their Kit Kat hats. Genevieve also wore her “worm hat” (CORRECTION: Knit Hats! is by Gwen Steege)


#OperationSockDrawer and #ProjectSweaterChest!
Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:
Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.
#projectsweaterchest. This is the sweater equivalent of #operationsockdrawer. We want to encourage you to knit yourself a chest full of sweaters.
Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.
This week's prize is a  skein of Black Trillium Lilt sock yarn
This week's winner of an Erin Lane Bag is ETREALEAVEN.

Mother Knows Best:(31:41)

This week we answer a question from the What do you want to hear about? about bust measurements, and how to measure.
We mention that Nordstroms does fittings.

Dr Gemma talked about bust size on episode 229(?) of the Cogknitive Podcast.

Also, we have another question about spinning: barefoot, in socks or with shoes off.

Jasmin mentions wineglass/mug holders for spinning wheels.

Let us know what you prefer in this week's episode comments !

When Knitting Attacks:(41:51)

The count on the Bias Loop cowl, was off, because Gigi had cast on 74 instead of 80 stitches. Frogged back to cast on row.  Also, she neglected to read directions on the Chai Latte socks,
and had to tink rows three and four.


This week we review Michele Wang’s Capsule for Brooklyn Tweed, Winter 2017

Straw into Gold:(59:49)

Rex is interested in the spinning wheel, and he treadled with Jasmin for a good ten minutes on the Acadia spinning wheel from Infinite Twist.

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