Thursday, October 22, 2015

Re-Inventing the Wheel - Episode 348 - The Knitmore Girls

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You probably attend an event at least once a year.  Whether you stay pretty close to home or travel across the country, come rain or shine we love to connect with you!
Sometimes events are all about shopping, but more often than not, events are a combination of shopping and education. When attending a show that combines classes and market place, shopping literally becomes dashes between classes. Time is short so my dash plan includes the necessary pit stop and (keeping my fingers crossed for short lines) visits to my favorite or new vendor spot.

As a vendor, we do our best to bring the right amount of scents and products. We are thrilled when we have the product or scent you are looking for, but sometimes the unexpected happens, like there is a sudden run on "fill in your favorite scent or product here" and the person in front of you just bought the last one. Being left wanting after waiting just sucks!
It's awesome when a product or scent become wildly popular but we are crushed when we have to serve disappointment because there is no more. 

Wait and want no more because we've created the Easy Peasy Product Reservation. It's so simple, even a two year old German Shepard can do it! (OK.  Maybe not.)

Step One: Go to our web site:
Step Two: Click on the, "Events," tab
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Step Four: You are taken to an awesome world of, "Survey Monkey" and all you have to do is make your reservation.  Done.

We'll even text you a reminder during the event!


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This weeks episode is sponsored by
Erin Lane Bags, The Bar Maids, Purlescence Yarns and Sheepspot.

On The Needles:(0:34)

Jasmin finished the ruffle on the Elsa sweater out of yarn by Lisa Souza. Everything is written in excrutiating detail on her project page.

Gigi is working on the Braidsmaid by Martina Behm, out of Abstract Fiber in Lima in the Hibiscus colorway.

Jasmin will occasionally talk about knitting with babies, it will not be its own segment.
 She is currently on her  Bifrost scarf by Infinite Twist. and mentioned #expertenablers Jasmin mentions the Weaving Join (Clasped Weft Join) She raves about the Boppy

Gigi made some Bilingual Preemie hats, a knitted body with a crochet flower. Jasmin mentions books by Nicky Epstein. Gigi mentions the  Knit Girllls podcast.
One of our friends had success with a sewn buttonhole from the Vogue Knitting Book.


Gigi had a lot of fun at Pacific International Quilt Fest.  This year, the many portraits were noticiable.
She mentions fusible, gridded interfacing for a postage stamp quilt.

The next event we will be attending is going to be Stitches West 2016.

In Stitches:(29:35)

Gigi wore her gray Citron and a pair of sparkly socks. She will be wearing shawls when she is sitting in bed.

Genevieve has been wearing her original Playful Stripes cardigan, Rex's blue Playful Stripes, little Oak cardigan, the Duck Sweater and the hat from the cover of Knit Hats!

Rex tried his Pumpkin hat on and he wore his Little Baby Sweater, and the Wee Envelope Pullover. Jasmin thinks she maybe should also finish her Calligraphy sweater.


New prize, generously donated by Fab Funky Fibres: The Big One Gradient.
Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.
We mention Susan B. Anderson's podcast

New contest: #GrinchBomb
Mastering The Knits, a podcast hosted by Alicia, and Natalie of the former Bark'n Knit podcast are hosting a #ElvesWorkshopAlong. We are hosting another Grinch-Along this year. 

Post your holiday gift knitting to instagram with both the #elvesworkshopalong AND the #grinchbomb hashtag (and add a grinch somewhere in the photo, if you can, like this:

The four prizes for the #grinchbomb contest are (so far) three Grinch project bags (sewn by us, never for sale) paired with some lovely Coloring Book Yarn, and a Bifrost kit (from Infinite Twist) with a bigger project bag.


Mother Knows Best:(39:43)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread in the forum
about labeling handspun. Jasmin uses Tyvek wristbands. We also use a yarn counter. Jasmin mentions Gusler Designs for tags.

When Knitting Attacks:(44:02)

The Elsa sweater may not fit.

Gigi attacked her Braidsmaid shawl an frogged a whole repeat. unnecessarily. Also, she bought a pattern at PIQF and does not like the instructions. She will try and find a pattern she likes more.


This week we review
New Lace Knitting, by Romi Hill
We also mention Designs by Romi

And Sew On:(55:20)

Gigi is thrilled about the mending she did on Sam's Shirt. She finished hand sewing the lining of Genevieve's summer dress.

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