Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Food Pyramid of Knitting - Episode 301 - The Knitmore Girls

Sock on left, Happy Howloween (Lollipop Yarns), on right Hocus Pocus (Mint Rain)
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This week's episode is sponsored by:
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Just outside the line of what we really want to talk about is that what you put on the inside is just as important as what goes on the outside.  A healthy diet, suitable exercise, proper posture, and plenty of rest effects the outside as much as the inside and demonstrates that we treat ourselves with care, love, and respect.
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On The Needles:(0:37)

Gigi has finished the first sleeve of the Water's Edge and is working on the second one #matchymatchyKAL. There is discussion about buttons, and Genevieve's Mini Water's Edge.
We are doing #projectSweaterChest with Susan B. Anderson, and #FitFlatterFeelWonderfulKAL with Susan B. Anderson and the Knit Girllls.

Jasmin is working on the Hocus Pocus socks from Mint Rain for #operationsockdrawer. Also the Knit Girllls are having a Halloween Craft Along that you could double dip.

Gigi has bound off the Asterope, and she is planning to cast on a Sivia Harding design from Book of Cowls out of Bijou Basin, Himalayan Trail Yarn.

Gigi has finished the vanilla socks in the animal print pattern and has cast on tubesocks for Genevieve. She has also finished the Dianthus Superbus socks from The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet, Vol I, out of Wildfoote, and started the Linaria Bipartita, and she is knitting on Mystik Spiral socks, she has one pair out of Regia Mini Ringel, one out of Opal Van Gogh, Ocean Depth out of Mint Rain.

Jasmin is knitting on her #CountDownToOutlander, #KiltMeKnowKAL socks in the Outlander colorway from Voolenvine, in the Lush base

Gigi has balled up her "Je suis prest", from Gingertwist Studio in Edinburgh for a pair of socks, put it in her tartan bag from the Caithness Craft Collective, and is looking for a sock pattern to knit it out of.

Loose Ends:(13:27)

Jasmin talks about our Dreadfully Delayed Interview Series: Franklin Habit, Maggie Jackson, Jane Patrick and Barry Schacht, Jean Frost, Sandi Rosner. Ten more to come.


We are still doing the Knitmore-A-long labels printed and provided by Sterling Name Tapes: Information for getting labels:

- Donate $1.50 for postage and envelope through Paypal button (in sidebar)
- PM Jasmin (cuteknitter) via Ravelry, and let her know how many sweater and shawl labels you want, and put "labels" in the subject line
- Include your Paypal email address in your PM
- International: PM Jasmin on Ravelry for cost of shipping

Put a picture of your sewn in labels in the "labels" thread.


- October 16-19 Pacific International Quilt Fest, at the Santa Clara Convention Center


We are co-hosting the Countdown to Outlander Knitalong on instagram,  #countdowntooutlander, #kiltmenowKAL. This has to be creatively related to the Outlander series.  Getting help from pocket Jamie is encouraged.

This is an instagram contest, so please make sure to use the appropriate hashtags.

This is being co-hosted by Maria from Subway Knits, CC from Geeky Girls Knit, and Kristin from YarnGasm.

We have Bijou Basin yarn for prizes. (Thanks, Bijou Basin!), a skein of sock yarn in the "Je suis prest" colorway, from Gingertwist Studio in Edinburgh.

Winners this week are:

Himalayan Trail by Bijou Basin is going to

Wilfulmina, Kristiesharp and AndeeKF.

A skein of sock yarn in the colorway "Je suis prest", from Gingertwist Studio in Edinburgh goes to KeeponKnitting
Gourmet Stash sent more prizes for the #CountDownToOutlander 

Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.

Winner of the Dizzy Blonde Studios yarn: VickiBrown

Mother Knows Best:(26:43)

This week Gigi talks about having an effective closet.

When Knitting Attacks:(30:01)

Gigi managed to knit her Dianthus superbus socks on different size needles. One sock is too tight to fit comfortably. And, she cast on for the Linaria Bipartita out of Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet, and turned he cuff inside out.


This week we are reviewing Brioche Chic, by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Straw Into Gold:(42:16)

Jasmin plied the last little bit of singles that were left from her SPAKAL project

Gigi did a bit of spinning but needs to see her wheel so she can remember to spin 15 minutes a day.

We mention how much we like the Knit Girllls'  Stash Dash.

Jasmin is tasting tribbles from Gourmet Stash.

And Sew On:(45:09)

Gigi has been sewing on the Nemesis dress for Melanie from the Savvy Girls.

Jasmin and Gigi have been sewing up a storm of project bags. You can find the tutorial here.

We mention bags by Erin Lane and the Fat Squirrel Speaks, Omnigrid rulers. Jasmin waxes rhapsodic about her Singer Featherweight sewing machine.

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