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Hecklesaurus - Episode 240 - The Knitmore Girls


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She travels….extensively. At times by wheels, sometimes by wing, other times by wave. She  travels while she sits and knits, creativity driving. Creativity inspired by mountain travel, memories, textures and color, small towns, 5th Avenues and spring flowers. She travels…..light. Light as the wind. With her backpack  she is prepared to hike mountain passes, climb the north face, and forge those rivers.  Next week, she will grab her Zucca on wheels and brave airport security flying to the next big city. One thing remains constant. She always travels with a Lo-Lo Body Bar. She knows while hiking, she won’t be bugged, and while in the city, dry skin doesn’t have a chance.  
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The Nimblestix Mountain Retreat, sponsored by The Woolery, is nestled in the Shenendoah mountains at Graves Mountain Lodge on October 4th - 6th. This beautiful locale is the ideal setting for a fiber class or two, spinning, knitting, or crocheting in the sun, hearing live music, or making apple butter in the orchard. Lodging, food, classes and other activities are included. Registration is now open for this intimate retreat, perfect for meeting up with fiber friends and making new ones. Get more information at or email .
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On The Needles:(0:37)

Gigi cast on yet another pair of Spice Man socks. Jasmin is casting off her Boneyard shawl.
Jasmin reminisces about the Ene's shawl by Nancy Bush, that she never finished casting on.

Gigi is working on the second Narcissus sock, from The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet, vol I. Her count is 11 done, 9 left, plus 2 bonus. Also, she bound off the socks she was knitting for GrandpaDahling.

Jasmin got sale yarn at Purlescence for the Dr. Watson sweater, that Gigi wants to knit out of Cascade Ecological Wool. Also, she picked up yarn for socks from The Knitters Curiosity Cabinet , vol II.

Then she picked up some Dream in Color Starry to make Little Knitbot sweaters for Genevieve.
We announced the winner of the Halos-of-Hopeathon. Also, if anyone wants to send hats to Halos of Hope they can be mailed directly to any of the designated locations, or to Purlescence Yarns.


We will be attending the Monterey Wool Auction on Monday, September 2nd

You may want to listen to the Selecting a Fleece Directors Cut

Mother Knows Best:(16:59)

This week we are answering a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread.
Jasmin gets inspiration from ChrissytheGreat from the Snappy Stitches videocast, Voolenvine from the Yarngasm videocast, Martine from the iMake podcast, and SillyFru from Sassypants knitter videocast

We mention Romi Hill, Sivia Harding and the Book of Cowls, Martina Behm, Veera Valimaki, Bonne Marie Burns, the Celestarium shawl.

When Knitting Attacks:(23:26)

Gigi mangled the gusset of the Spice Man socks out of van Gogh yarn. Also, she was signed up for a class at Prairie Queens Quilts and showed up without her fabric.


This week we are purloining "My Favorite Thing" from Megan on Stitch it!, and "High Note" from Knitting Pipeline. We mention Baby Brass Needles and the congratulations thread on her board.


This week we review Stitching in the Stacks, by Sarah Barbour

 We talk about Charlaine Harris's books

Tour de Fleece:(39:14)

Gigi spun her 9 oz of Crown Mountain Fiber, and also spun up her Ashland Bay Fiber. She reached her goal. Jasmin met her original goal of one and a half pounds of fiber, but extended it to two pounds which she didn't quite make.

Gigi mentioned her glass orifice hook from the Ernsts, who are glass artists, and Jasmin mentioned her sterling silver orifice hook.

Please remember to post how you did with your spinning on the Team Sasquatch board and our Nimblestix Guild.

And Sew On:(43:34)

Gigi had promised to sew a Cal King quilt for Jasmin and Andrew, using the Batiks in Motion pattern. Gigi talks about using a very small rotary cutter for cutting curves.

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