Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stitchmaaaaarkers! - Episode 232 - The Knitmore Girls


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She travels….extensively. At times by wheels, sometimes by wing, other times by wave. She  travels while she sits and knits, creativity driving. Creativity inspired by mountain travel, memories, textures and color, small towns, 5th Avenues and spring flowers. She travels…..light. Light as the wind. With her backpack  she is prepared to hike mountain passes, climb the north face, and forge those rivers.  Next week, she will grab her Zucca on wheels and brave airport security flying to the next big city. One thing remains constant. She always travels with a Lo-Lo Body Bar. She knows while hiking, she won’t be bugged, and while in the city, dry skin doesn’t have a chance.
Purlescence Yarns is so pleased to support Halos of Hope, a wonderful organization that we have decided to throw a huge event to inspire you all to create hats for Halos of Hope. Join us Saturday, July 13 and Sunday, July 14 for a 24 hour long Halos of Hope-athon. From noon Saturday to noon Sunday, we will be open for mad hatting! We'll have contests and tons of prizes, and plenty of yarn on hand so we can send a record number of hats to Halos. Our particular focus for this event is Halos' Camp Happy Times Project . We'll be knitting kids' hats in star themes (think stars, moons, constellations, Star Wars, Star Trek, and more!) for kids 5-22 battling cancer. Call (408) 735-9276 to RSVP! 
Fiber Festival season is almost here!  The Black Sheep Gathering (June 21-23)  in Eugene, OR attracts spinners and knitters from all over the region for a weekend of fibery fun.  Fleece auctions, spinning classes, herding demonstrations, and shopping with friends; what could be better?  Visit the Stash pop-up shop in Booth #12 to see a small sampling of our extensive stash of hand-dyed + locally sourced yarn.  While you're at it, consider making a pilgrimage to Stash in Corvallis, just 45 minutes north of Eugene. Catch a peek of what we're planning on our website at

On The Needles:(0:32)

Gigi finished the second of her Rosa Rubiginosa socks. Jasmin is working on her Eadon sleeves
The Celaeno shawl Gigi knitted for Dr Gemma has been blocked, and photographed.

Jasmin is working on her Boneyard shawl. Gigi is working on the Dianthus Superbus in Wildfoote.
Gigi is also working on the Chrysanthemum sock.

We discuss the season finale of Project Runway. Gigi is asking about elegant, mature clothes being designed for the mature demographic. Jasmin mentions shopping at New York and Company.
Let us know what you think about Off-the-Rack vs Runway

Mother Knows Best:(18:53)

We are answering a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread on the forum, "How do you get better results sewing?" We mentioned our favorite place to get our scissors sharpened.

When Knitting Attacks:(29:24)

The Rosa Rubiginosa Sock attacked, because Gigi didn't pay attention to the pattern.
Jasmin was working on her Eadon, and has a hard time seeing her stitches in the black yarn.

The Color Affection was so much autopilot, that Gigi knitted straight past the short row point,
Gigi blocked a swatch of her Bamboo yarn, and was not happy with the result. So she frogged the  CeCe .

The stockinette part of the swatch looked lovely, so Gigi will look at garments from The Knit Stitch and The Purl Stitch, by Sally Melville.


This week we are purloining "A Life Strategy", from Dr. Gemma's Cogknitive podcast


This week we are reviewing
Handmade in the UK, by  Emily Wessel of Tincanknits

Straw Into Gold:(47:28)

Jasmin is spinning 2 oz CVM on her Matchless. She also got some Merino Border leicester Cross that is sparkling clean, from Elizabeth Hubbard. She plied the last of Gigi's SPAKAL yarn.

We had a wonderful time at the Wool and Wine event at the Retzlaff Winery. We met old and new listeners, and collected preemie hats and gave out Knitmore Girls Bags.
We mention the amazing Sultana.


  1. Jelly size Mason jars for the number of markers you ladies are considering! Same type in each jar or mix and match,if you prefer. To carry them with my knitting, I use old French mint tins. Open dishes and jars sound disastrous with a person under three feet tall in the house. ;-)

  2. ....Is anyone else having trouble playing this one? I have tried to play it just about every day since it went up, and it won't even start.