Sunday, March 15, 2009

When good knits go bad - Episode 44 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles: (3:50)

Gigi has cast on a pair of socks out of Abstract Fibers' Lady Macbeth colorway. Lady Macbeth says she wants to be a Coriolis. Gigi is knitting a pair of Par Five socks out of the Malabrigo sock yarn (in brown). Gigi and Jasmin both went stashdiving for projects.

Jasmin talks about being the Rain Man of yarn (when looking for the yarn for her Cire-Perdue). Gigi is knitting some tiger-stripey socks out of Fancy Image's sock yarn. Gigi has been swatching!

Gigi and Jasmin will be doing a Knitmore-A-Long, where we'll have several projects that we'll be working on. Simultaneously. Stay posted for details.

(Jasmin talks about the most recent episode of Cast-on, where Brenda talks about brain waves.)

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Contest ends 4/3/2009.

When Knitting Attacks: ( 18:14)

Jasmin's knitting HATES her. Jasmin has ripped out her Coriolis sock ANOTHER two times. Then, her pink cashmere swatches refused to cooperate, despite being knit on fabulous Asciano needles. (You can find some of the Holz and Stein needles here, by the way. Which are Alison's favorites.)

Jasmin thought the Chic Knits hoodie would be a set-in sleeve, fitted hoodie, because she wasn't paying attention. Jasmin finds that she is less patient when she lacks knitting.

Gigi knit her "Franklin's Panopticon" socks on itty needles with the same stitch count, which resulted in a too-small sock. Gigi is also looking for a fine-gauge cable needle. Gigi also had some issues reproducing the channel island cast-on, from lack of practice.

Listen to Gives Good Knit!

Straw into gold: (36:26)

The fleeces from the Monterey Wool Auction and Booneville are starting to arrive! Jasmin talks about having multiple spinning projects. She uses a bobbin winder and small plastic bobbins, and spins large projects 1 0z/29g at a time, lets it rest for 24 hours, then moves it to a plastic bobbin. This saves money on additional bobbins, and allows for more even spinning throughout large projects.

Jasmin is plying the "Romney Thing". It is a 4-ply yarn, 1 ply of burgundy romney, 1 ply of natural black romney, 1 ply of Sheila (Lincoln/Corriedale from Janet Heppler)- silver/grey, 1 ply of Carlos (Lincoln/Corriedale from Janet Heppler)- gunmetal grey. (We got Carlos at the Retzlaff Winery spinning day two years ago.) This was when Jasmin discovered the processing wonders of Shari at Morro Fleece Works.

In getting her spinning chops back, Jasmin grabbed some Crown Mountain Superwash merinoAqualung) to re-calibrate her spinning.

Jasmin is in love with Talullah; a charcoal grey merino that is so soft that it will curl your toes. Jasmin is spinning Talullah fine and tight, and thinks she will make a lovely Twist.

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