Sunday, March 22, 2009

And, we're off! - Episode 45 - The Knitmore Girls


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New this week: Cascade Eco Alpaca, and dyed colors of Pure Alpaca, new certified Free Trade yarns from Frog Tree Alpaca, including the new Picaboo, bamboo, pima cotton, and Green Line
DK and Worsted merino from Lorna's Laces.

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Administrative: (00:30)

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On the Needles: (2:00)

Gigi is making good progress on her On the Vine scarf.

Jasmin cast on a sock to chase away her bad knitting mojo. She is using the Abstract Fibers "Supersock" in Newport. (Jasmin and Gigi will be reviewing this yarn in a later podcast.) Jasmin also discusses working with the square knitting needles. Jasmin suggests that LYSes should have "tester" needles so that knitters can try them. (Jasmin refers to the Addi Turbo interchangeable review episode.)

Gigi is working on the Par Five sock out of the brown Malabrigo Sock. Jasmin tries to understand golf. Gigi describes golf as "banhoff".
The Knit(more)-A-Long!
Jasmin's: Katarina (by CocoKnits), in Tess Yarns' Silk and Merino.

(Jasmin is knitting hers in one piece, as opposed to the way that the pattern is written. She talks about how she blocked her Twist.) Jasmin is knitting this at a tighter gauge than is recommended in the pattern (Jasmin is knitting it at 5 sts/6 rows per inch) because she disagrees with both the math in the pattern, the schematic, and the gauge of the recommended yarn.
Gigi's: Carli (by CocoKnits) in Malabrigo worsted, Burgundy. Gigi is matching gauge and knitting the pattern as it is written, thus far.

They talk about substituting yarns and the need to occasionally recalculate a pattern. They also discuss picking colors.

Mother Knows Best: (30:24)

Gigi and Jasmin discuss warm weather knits; they LOVE the Tess Yarns' Microfiber Ribbon. Some of Jasmin's favorite patterns include the ribbed turtleneck (by Jill Ramos), the chevron ribbed tank by Ann Budd, and the perfect periwinkle turtleneck tube vest from Fitted Knits.

Jasmin seals the end of the ribbon with Fray-Check, talks about the best way to wind it,

Straw into Gold: (42:13)

Jasmin is still spinning Talullah, she wants to knit something with cables (like Mariah). Jasmin talks about "swatching" your spinning. Jasmin is going to use her Maggie mini skein-winder to make tiny test skeins.

Reviews: (46:10)

They review the Malabrigo sock yarn. Four Knitmore thumbs up!

They also review the Leslie Wind cable needle necklace. (Video tutorials can be found here.) Jasmin loved it, Gigi didn't.


  1. More than you probably want to know .... I just started listening to this episode and wanted to put in my 2 cents about golf. I LOVE to play golf but I'm not an expert by any means.

    I think a "par 5" means it would take a good golfer 5 strokes to finish the hole. I've seen par 5's between 300-600 yards long and some with dog legs (yikes), not easy if you can't hit far or straight!! Tiger woods would probably make it in 3 shots for an "eagle" or in 4 shots for a "birdie" but rarely in 5 shots for "par".

    I'm not sure what the analogy between a long fairway and small green is to socks.. hmmm
    Phyllis (SonomaKnits in Ravelry)

  2. Hi! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your podcast.

    I added a comment about it on my blog:

    Thanks for your efforts. -Sarah

  3. I had to laugh when your mom said Bahnhof, my mom is German we say that all the time!! Love the podcast

  4. I am new to your podcast. Love all the things you talk about and am glad you include knitting and spinning. LuAnne

  5. What is the name of the pattern you talked about for a sleeveless tank -- you mentioned that you had made several of them because they were especially flattering to wear. You talked about this when discussing things to knit for and in the warm weather.

    Thanks in advance,