Sunday, August 27, 2023

Dr Rex's New Teeth- Episode 727- The Knitmore Girls

Upper jaw full dental replacement on Dr. Rex. (You can see the damage on the bottom jaw, the top was the same.)   Leather from @tandyleather , puppet from @folkmanispuppets , medical degree from …. Mmmmmphhhnmm.  

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    On the Needles:(0:33)

    • unchecked

      Gigi:  started new socks  Vanilla is the new Black in white, green and grey 

    • uncheckedJasmin is making good progress on the Maxie’s top test knit for

      Ainur Berkambayeva in Lisa Souza's Sylvie Silk in “Ruby
    • unchecked

      FO: Gigi: red tweed VITNB socks

    • unchecked

      The yarn for Jasmin’s other test knit for Ainur arrived, swatching and blocking has been done

    • unchecked

      FO: Gigi: grey, black and white crocking sock 

    • unchecked

      Gigi: Meadowlands 5 in the color way Genie autopilot, working on third  triangle, all the green is used, working with white and grays


    Fall semester at Westvalley College starts August 26

    Mother Knows Best:(9:36)

    Knit more, know more:(16:58)

    A segment about Persian culture, history, or just generally cool stuff about Persian people.

    Protests are ongoing, 399 days

    New York Times article about protests in Iran

    • Religious holidays are being used as a means to protest legally. Ish. 

    And Sew On:(26:34)

    Gigi: ordered book for fall semester at West valley , and she found some flannel for a circle skirt

    Jasmin:  Dr. Rex’s upper jaw surgery is complete, and was a success. Lower jaw is coming

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