Sunday, July 30, 2023

It's in to be Out- Episode 724- The Knitmore Girls


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    On the Needles: (0:34)

    Events :(28:13)

    • Rhinebeck - Saturday with the family, in October

    • Cognitive Fiber Retreat, Nov 11

    Mother Knows Best: (40:18)

    • Taking Naps!

    When knitting Attacks:(44:46)

    - Gigi: Meadowlands 4, dropped a stitch on the 4th triangle.

    - Gigi; red tweed Vanilla is the new Black: messed up the increase in the left side of the heel.

    - Gigi: both the Meadowlands 5 Genie, and the second red tweed sock have a knot in the yarn.

    - Jasmin sneaky cable, bleeding and missing bobble

    Knit more, know more:(51:53)

    A segment about Persian culture, history, or just generally cool stuff about Persian people.

    Protests are ongoing, 377 days

    Persian Time!

    And Sew On: (58:03)

    Gigi: watched  Next in Fashion 

    Designers made a suit in  1  ½ days. Upsetting

    Jasmin: working on quilt for Rex's teacher Flynn quilting frame


    - Jasmin mentions Sidney's Squid school of Vintage Knitting, and her Lucille pants by Gertie (available through her Patreon)



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