Tuesday, March 28, 2023

If not now, when? - Episode 709- The Knitmore Girls

  TFW the first dress you sew for yourself makes you feel like Joan from Mad Men. 👗 This is the wearable muslin I did- I’m going to mess with it a *tiny* bit more, but I LOVE IT. 👗 (Pattern: @moodfabrics Citrus Dress) 👗 You can hear all ab

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    On the needles

    • Jasmin’s Sea Glass Pullover is finished!

    • Gigi at Jasmin’s house knitting: socks for Andrew finished the foot, need yarn for toe

    • Gigi turned in the knitted weaving project for Fiber Analysis 2. 

    • Jasmin has started a Dipole Beanie by Chin Matthews in Seismic Yarn’s butter sock in the “Escape” colorway . Compassion Collection where 20% of gross sales will be donated to an organization that supports a marginalized community. As a Pride inspired colorway, it only makes sense that the donations go to The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQIA+ youth.”

    • Gigi: working on the second meadowlands , fir working on the the third triangle . Very potato chippy. 

    • Jasmin started her For Fox Sake pullover by Maxim Cyr in Lisa Souza SW “Squashblossom” and Neighborhood Fiber Co for the contrast colors. ⅓ through the yoke. Making notes on my pattern in KnitCompanion, since I can’t comfortably do it in Ravelry.

    • Jasmin started and finished the first Geometry by Minimi Knit Design in Mitchell's Creations yarn "Bayou" colorway

    • Jasmin started the second Geometry top 

    • Jasmin swatched for 2 more colorwork pullovers


    • Mend it March 

      • Dragon teeth


    Mother Knows Best:

    Be the Harriet Hamsterbone you want to see in the world. “Princesses don’t do that.” “I’m a princess, I am doing it; so, princesses DO do it.”

    When knitting attacks:

    • For fox sake

    • Geometry top #1, too short  

    Knit more, know more

    A segment about Persian culture, history, or just generally cool stuff about Persian people.

    Protests are ongoing, 255 days.

    Nowrooz : Eid didani 

    And Sew on:

    Gigi: Fabric analysis 2  


    • Mood Citrus dress; finished the wearable muslin (buttons from Rhinebeck 2021). Will be making some slight adjustments before doing the final silhouette 

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