Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Illiterate Dogs- Episode 688- The Knitmore Girls

  Sometimes, you work on a project, and take a step back and think to yourself, “My goodness this is GOURD-geous!” 🎃 (Pattern: Pumpkin Patch by @BadWolfGirlSitsAndKnits; all yarn from different vintages of yarn- @TessYarns (green), @knitcircu

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On the Needles: (0:51)


  • Pacific International Quilt Festival? Pass

  • Grinch-Along December 1st

Mother Knows Best:(23:15)

Restraint remorse (fabric and applique from Mood)

When Knitting Attacks:(30:19)

Jasmin had small color 
work hiccups

Knit more, know more :(34:54)

A segment about Persian culture, history, or just generally cool stuff about Persian people.

Getting something sweet to celebrate a big purchase. 

Get a sweet taste in your mouth !

And Sew On :(41:08)

Gigi's Class: Talking about thread and spinning techniques. Natural fibers , synthetic and bio synthetic fibers. Midterm next week 

Jasmin discovered that she does one sewing project at a time. Spring Dress and linen pants planned 

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