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Complicated Explanations for Simple Things - Episode 624 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(0:39)

Gigi knitted to the toe of the 2nd Xmas sock

Jasmin is into the body shaping on her worsted sock arms cardigan in Knitcircus Yarn Ringmaster in “We scare because we care”. She’ll be using the “Monstropolis” gradient for the sleeves.

Gigi got to the toe of Andrew’s 2nd sock.

Genevieve wound the yarn for :

Jasmin finished the knitting on her the Odds and Ends test knit for Tina Tse in the Knitmore Gradient from Black Trillium Fibers held together with a strand of Diptera from LolaBean Yarn Co.

Jasmin mentions her box of bulb shaped stitch markers.

Jasmin put the sleeves on holders and is about 1” into the body on Sam’s Gramps Cardigan (by TinCanKnits) in Magpie fibers Nest Worsted in “Twilight Dark”

Genevieve wound the yarn for :

Jasmin swatched Magpie Fibers Swanky DK in “Bougie Beaver” for the “Modern Art” pullover (cover sweater from the Art of Circular Yokes) for the Magpie #Beavalong

Genevieve worked on her hat/beanie.

Genevieve worked on the Schacht Cricket loom

Jasmin is working on (RAVELRY LINK!) Sam's Gramps Cardigan

In Stitches:(11:56)

Jasmin wore her handspun effortless cardigan (actually the [RAVELRY LINK] Breezy Cardigan)

Genevieve wore her (RAVELRY LINK) Hearthstone pullover, red and gold woven scarf and hat,

her (RAVELRY LINK!) Anna cardigan, Griffindor scarf and hat, her beanie and her Shrunk Payne pullover, and the Pippi Longstocking stockings.

Gigi stopped wearing knit socks every day

Wore the (RAVELRY LINK) Treppenviertel cowl at night as a hat

 (RAVELRY LINK)    Flickering Shawl

Flannel shirt from clothing construction class 

Camp shirt from beginning clothing construction 


Knitgirllls Fail - Along is ongoing

Stash Dash in May

 2020 Summer Olympics will begin on Friday, July 23, 2021

[Beijing Winter Olympics start ]

Tour de Fleece in July (Sat, Jun 26, 2021 – Sun, Jul 18, 2021)

Discussion for  a new name for what used to be the Knitting Olympics
Pan-Athenic Games?

Mother Knows Best:(25:03)

From KrisLuvsWool:

“I learned to sew on a sewing machine when I was younger. We purchased patterns, cut out the fabrics, and sewed it all up… so I have had some rudimentary experience with sewing, but would still consider myself a beginner. That said, as a knitter who has gained an understanding of fit and ease, etc., I’ve got an interest in sewing garments again, but am a little overwhelmed about where to start and how FAR to jump into sewing and drafting patterns. I’m working on padding out my dress form to be more of a real “double”-- but at what stage should I bother trying to make a sloper? A Moulage? Where would you recommend getting started. I checked at our local CC but it’s not offering classes of that nature; and even with Craftsy, I’ve been overwhelmed by the choices that don’t seem curated to guide me into levels of “making”. How does someone “level up” with sewing?”

Vogue 1003, Vogue 1004  LINK
Craftsy check Suzie Furrer, the bodice 

When Knitting Attacks:(36:00)

Genevieve was yarn barfed on.

Gigi was working on the stripy sparkly Xmas socks. Vanilla is the new Black.

Straw into Gold:(40:01)

Jasmin does a little spinning on the Acadia spinning wheel for her Incredibles family sweaters 

She mentions Sheepspot and Dr Gemma

Knits in Space:(42:12)

GODZILLA VS KONG private theater viewing!!!

And Sew On: (47:12)

Classes at Cañada continue, the classes  are recorded. 

Did Full Bust Adjustment, had to cut a new front 

Set in sleeves were miserable, front of sleeves was terrible 

Bust darts need to be backed off. Threads magazine article on pressing during construction (article is no longer available).

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