Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Flexible and Resilient - Episode 569 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:36)
Gigi is working on the French Cancan shawl in Oink Pigments dk, extra fine Superwash merino, in
the "Birthday Suit" colorway.  Gigi strung one length
on  Oral B Superfloss with beads. She needs to knit a swatch and figure out bead placement. 
Jasmin is feeling amazing and is on a finishing kick. She finished the orchid colored Cabled Raglan by

Cheryl Oberle from the box of UFOs.

Gigi  is working on yet another pair of the Vanilla is the New Black socks, out of Patons Kroy. Two pairs
need ends woven in. She cast on a pair with black and red and brown stripes. The first sock is ready to
have the heel turned. 

Jasmin has been working on her Weekender pullover in Lisa Souza Blue Faced Leicester Worsted in Spruce green.

Gigi is helping a friend with her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun shawl, by Afifa. FaceTime knitting is challenging 

Jasmin started (and is making great progress) on her Quadrat Pullover by Beautia Dew in The Dye Project’s
Ecola Worsted in “Painted Lady”. 
Gigi is getting towards the end of The Joker and the Thief shawl. The last color stripe is coming up.

In Stitches (21:38)
Jasmin has been wearing a different handknit sweater each day, and featuring them on Instagram under the
#todaysknitoutfit hashtag
Gigi: sleeping hat
Go on Instagram and post what you are doing to cheer yourself up!

knitty.com   has a comprehensive list of events that have been canceled

Mother Knows Best:(28:35)
Research your charity projects. Is it (a) what they’re asking for? (b) who is organizing? (c) who benefits?
How are recipients selected? (d) is it helpful for the affected community, or is it a feel-good project for
those donating?
Let  us know about your criteria for determining which charities you support.

Sewing Out Loud  is one of Gigi's favorite sewing podcasts.

When Knitting Attacks: (40:54)
Gigi gets attacked by her Joker and the Thief shawl, blaming the dogs for the disappearance of one ball
of yarn. They are good boys, and this time, innocent.

Jasmin was repeatedly attacked by her Quatrat pullover 
Gigi is wrestling with the lace pattern for the French Cancan

Straw into Gold:(49:12)
Spinning with Rex.
Jasmin mentions Morro Fleece Works

And Sew On:(52:08)
Gigi has more Avengers  burrito pillows, cut, pressed and pinned.  She is waiting for Genevieve to come
over and sew. 
She finished the sloper out of muslin.  
Gigi found the back half of her lost sloper from 1991, while she  was looking for drafting paper.

Gigi is eligible for the California Community College Honor Society 

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