Monday, January 13, 2020

Strange, Theoretic, Esoteric Knitting - Episode 565 - The Knitmore Girls


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 On the Needles:(0:30)

Gigi worked on her Drea’s shawl in Oink Pigments. White and "Zoot Soot" stripes, accent border in "Mommy Dearest" red.
She needs to do I-cord bind off.

Jasmin finished the first sleeve of  Genevieve’s Christmas Sweater , and is nearly done with the second
sleeve (Oliver Sweater) out of Onyx Fiber Arts DK.

Gigi worked on her pair of Wee Envelope sweaters; the knitting is done for the pink one, the bright green one is done, and Gigi has a third one cast
on (also bright green). The shoulders are done, and the body stitches are picked up.

Jasmin finished a test knit hat for Romi, the Genevieve hat.
Jasmin mentions Project Semicolon.
For hearts and hands: on Christmas, Gigi started an orange Joji Locatelli wrap sweater; she got to the point for the first buttonhole, then started a yellow one, THEN set up a couple of more wrap
 Jasmin was talking about  soluble waste canvas.
Jasmin suggests Ysolda's buttonhole.

We will be collecting hats (locally) for refugees in New England:
Maine Access Immigrant Network
237 Oxford St., Suite 25A
Portland, ME 04101

Events: (18:48)
-#MyRhineBIPOCSweater GOT a new, catchy hashtag!  #myBIPOCfestsweater
- True North Hearts and Hands donations:
-We will take a break from podcasting from January until March.
If you have suggestions for what to bring for the Podcast Tune-Up, let us know!
In Stitches (20:40)
Gigi: socks, red Serpentine cowl, night shirt, x-stitch Christmas pillows, trapunto school project pillow 
Greyhaven hat

Mother Knows Best:(26:03)
Two Ewes Fiber Adventures we’re talking about eggnog, Coquito, and Glühwein.

When Knitting Attacks: (36:05)
Gigi 's new orange Joji Locatelli wrap sweater attacks. 

And Sew On:(38:30)
Gigi’s sewing classes are finished. Repaired Rex’s jeans that the puppies had chewed. 

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