Sunday, November 3, 2019

Personal Stash Dash- Episode 556 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:32)
Jasmin is nearly finished with her Tundra Jumper out of AVFKW Horizon; first sleeve is done and attached, second sleeve is ⅓ done.
(#MyRhineBIPOCSweater Join the Ravelry Group! , #BIPOCMAL2019)
She is discussing sweaters with Rex. Gigi is reminiscing about dinosaur sweaters  she knitted for Jasmin.
They are not currently on ravelry.
Rex also complained about the Fox hat being itchy.  She also mentions the dead fish hat that also shows up
as a shark.
One sock is done , she needs to Kitchener the toe
Jasmin made some progress on the Jedi cardigan (Joji Locatelli’s baby wrap cardigan) for Genevieve’s
teacher #knittinginthedark
Body is done up to the neck decreases 

We will be collecting hats (locally) for refugees in New England:

Maine Access Immigrant Network
237 Oxford St., Suite 25A
Portland, ME 04101

Events: (15:23)
Book talk about her newest book Vanishing Fleece at Book Passage in San Francisco.
Jasmin mention David Reidy's podcast ("Sticks and String")
Westknits Booksigning at A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland on Sunday November 3rd in the evening.
- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. 
-#MyRhineBIPOCSweater (needs a catchy hashtag)
- #BIPOCMAL2019 Sep-Nov
- True North Hearts and Hands donations:

-We will take a break from podcasting from January until March.
If you have suggestions for what to bring for the Podcast Tune-Up, let us know!

In Stitches (22:31)
Jasmin wore her Cottongrass Pullover, and stripey Canon Hand Dyes cowl, the BostonJen Greyhaven hat, sarcastic unicorn cowl, hamilknit hat, squashblossom sprig
Gigi is wearing her A-line skirt from the beginning clothing construction class
Nightshirts with modesty panel. Night cap
Rex wore his Oliver Sweater

Mother Knows Best:(26:38)
Emergency preparations 

When Knitting Attacks: (32:48)
Jasmin: follows directions that will drive her to distraction. We talk about two piece sleeves 

And Sew On:(41:34)
In Gigi’s sewing class at Cañada College, she got the muslin for her fitted waistband
Also, got started on the bodice alterations    Took in the sides, and took a sideways fisheye dart. 

Couture Embellishments class at West Valley College continues. 
Gigi is working on Tambouring technique. Challenging.  Trying to fake it with a crochet hook isn't working well.
The midterm project is supposed to be Embellishment and rejuvenation of something out of the closet;
the final is supposed to be sewn from scratch 

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