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Social Proofing - Episode 542 - The Knitmore Girls

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Fun Fur.
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On the Needles:(0:34)
Thank you, LittleSkeinAnne for co-hosting in Mom's absence!
** admin update. Episodes 101-491 aren’t available until we finish admin work on them.

The body of Jasmin’s Dissent Cardigan is complete, first sleeve is done, second sleeve is past the
halfway point.

Anne is knitting an Ama sweater in her hand-dyed Merino Sport

Jasmin is still casting on a Panjereh top by Christina Danaee out of Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio sock

Anne cast on a Pebbles & Pathways Sock, designed by heybrownberry, in her Smooth Sock club
colorway “Marilla’s Amethyst Brooch.” (This is for Sock School)

Jasmin mentions Diane (Lady Dye Yarns) and a Rhinebeck Garment MAL we're collaborating on! We
talk about a Rhinebeck Lonely Hearts type club.

Jasmin is making some slow  progress on her Viajante. Jasmin mentions getting to see Patti LuPone in
concert, and Brenda's French Soul Food (restaurant).

Jasmin mentions her Tundra pullover.

Most of Anne’s knitting time has gone to an upcoming kit sample (Hiirnaqtuq) designed by Caroline Dick
which is inspired by a children’s book about an Inuktitut mother’s love for her child and their arctic landscapes. 

Anne finished a two-night project: Alfalfa (baby) Hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn.

In Stitches (22:39)

San Francisco summer means Karl the Fog and sweater weather. Anne has been wearing her Birkin
sweater (now steeked into a cardigan), Ursa by Jacqueline Cieslak (bulky cropped pullover, knit in a
bright ruby red grapefruit color for cheerfulness in the damp grey weather), Water & Stone by
Veera Valimaki, and her Soldotna Crop by Caitlin Hunter.

Jasmin wore her Sprig pullover in San Francisco.

Anne has also been wearing two different styles of the Odacier “Thea Rachelle Raglan” pattern, both
are short sleeve, and one is regular mid-hip length and the other is tunic length and she made it to wear
under her Soldotna. Both are made from Kaufman Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen

Jasmin talks about Rick Mondragon's Knit to Fit class, and proportion.

Events: (33:04):
- #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL is ongoing. Anne mentions Amy Herzog's CustomFit.
- Stash Dash :May 24 till August 24. Hosted by the Knitgirllls
- May  31 till end of August: Two Ewes Not Along
Not knitting, crochet, spinning or weaving
-Tour de Fleece: July 6-28,

Mother Knows Best:(37:14)
This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?"  thread about how we
squeak in our knitting time. Where do you find time to knit?
Jasmin talks about Sultana

When Knitting Attacks:(47:52)

Anne’s beagle attacked her ball of Do or Donut.


Online Activism for the Conflict Averse
Anne’s Instagram: @littleskeinanne
Book recommendations: So You Want to Talk about Race by Ijeoma Oluo and White Fragility by
Robin DiAngelo

- If you're consuming their writing, please buy your teachers a KO-FI.
- Engage in social proof. (Hit the like button) Signal boost posts from people of color.
- Diversify purchases and buy from POC. 
- If you have a question, start with googling your question.
- What is tone policing? (Don't tell a person of color that they would be more effective, if they were "nice")
- Signal boost salient comments, so they rise to the top
- The "An Unfinished Object" blog, Follow it, and support it 
Tour de Fleece:(1:35:58)
Driveband and WW woes. Genevieve drop spindles! Jasmin mentions sewn drive bands.
Join Team Sasquatch if you haven't done so already.
Also, be mindful of your body. Ergonomics. Make sure you are Knitting Comfortably

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