Thursday, May 31, 2018

Squishing and Stretching - Episode 483 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:31)
Jasmin mentions Emily of the Tightly Spun podcast. Jasmin is almost done with the first top down, set-in

Gigi cast on two socks in the Vanilla Is The New Black out of Regia, and two out of Patons Kroy.

Jasmin has been working on her Knitmore Depth cowl. As soon as Gigi has grafted this one, she will cast
on another one in the Apple Cider colorway.

Jasmin is working on her Tale as Old as Time cowl.

Jasmin has been working on the #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL flowchart.
Shenanigans are afoot! Official start date was May 1st. Page 1 is up in the top post of the thread in the
WHOLE deal.) (Pattern is being formatted so that we can add it to ravelry)

Gigi swatched some more  for the next cowl out of Black Trillium Pebble Sock in the "My Little
Rainbows" colorway. Auditioning pattern.

Gigi swatched for the Vitamin D cardigan by Heidi Kirrmaier for the  #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL.
By Lana Gatto in Feeling.  Creamy white (70% merino wool/ 20% silk / 10% cashmere )
And she finished another preemie  hat out of Malabrigo Ceresa, and cast on another one.

Gigi has knitted the Knitmore Depth cowl, It is ready to be grafted. She set up for knitting another one
in the Apple Cider colorway. This is out of Fiber Seed yarn in the Knitmore colorway from The
Fiberseed Yarn Company for The Great Knit-off!. Open for orders now, KAL starts June 1.
Jasmin has made some progress on hers as well.

Gigi finished a preemie hat in the Malabrigo Ceresa. Cast on the next one

Gigi talks about Hyperbolic crochet and the coral reef project; she crocheted a brain coral.

Events: (24:22)
Stash Dash: May 25 -  August 27 2018 (Check out the Knit Girllls, rules are up! )
June 1st: Great Knit Off! The Knitmore Girls colorway benefits the International Rescue Committee!
The Knit Girllls work to benefit Pet Smart Charities,

Mother Knows Best:(26:50)
This week we answer a question out of the "What do you want to hear about? “ thread about  fitness.

When Knitting Attacks:(35:27)
Gigi left her knitting at Jasmin's House and had no knitting. She had to cast on another sock.
Jasmin printed her pattern in French.
Gigi is having problems with her sewing machine.

This week we review Short Row Knits by Carol Feller

Straw into Gold:(50:30)
Jasmin was plying for Stash Dash, and used the Aker Kate
She mentions the Will Taylor Kate. Gigi mentions the Sheepspot podcast.

And Sew On:(55:46)
Gigi's class at West Valley College is Flat Pattern Construction.
The book they are using is Patternmaking for Fashion Design.

She registered for the beginning sewing class, to learn the invisible zipper technique and
how to work on industrial machines.
Gigi started a sewn bowl cozy

Also: postage stamp quilt. Sewing machine issues.  

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