Friday, April 6, 2018

Red Solo Cup - Episode 475 - The Knitmore Girls

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We dreamed of a time when yarn would feed smoothly so that we could knit row after row without tugging, pulling, or untangling. Then, we realized that we could just re-envision a classic yarn caddy / Lazy Susan concept and create a flat-packable device that can sit and rotate on any quarter-inch shaft, including our Lazy Kates and Simple Kates. Tensioned with our patent-pending TensiTamer gizmo, the yarn feed rate is controlled--or not, if that's your preference! We'd say more, but we've already returned to our knitting….

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On the Needles:(0:31)
Jasmin has been working on the #ChooseYourOwnAdventureKAL flowchart.  Official
start date is May 1st. Jasmin is undecided between two sweaters for herself.

Gigi made Sam try on the Vanilla is the New Black socks.  She may need to pull out the toe and make it longer
Jasmin is nearly finished with ear flaps on the Fox hat for Rex.She mentions  Aunt Lydia's Crochet Cotton.
Gigi is working on Purlbreak, out of Oink Pigment yarn in oink sock.
Jasmin knit a tiny bit on Rex’s BB-8 Sock Arms sweater.
Jasmin mentions Target and Gymboree for Star Wars sweaters.
Gigi is working on another preemie hat in the Aviary pattern,and she cast on another preemie hat to make a cat hat.

In Stitches:(23:05)
Gigi has been wearing the Quynn hat for sleeping, no more wool socks. The Beastmaster shawl and the

Events: (24:34)

Mother Knows Best:(26:15)
This week we answer two questions out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about
prewashing yarn. Jasmin mentions her blogpost on citric acid.

When Knitting Attacks:(35:14)
Gigi groomed her  stash. Purged stuff she didn't  like anymore. Ribbon yarn, ladder yarn.
Lots of bright red yarn. Mohair.

Straw into Gold: (42:54)
Jasmin dyed roving with leftover egg dye. She mentions Reduran dye remover.

And Sew On:(48:34)
Gigi's class at West Valley College is Flat Pattern Construction.
The book they are using is Patternmaking for Fashion Design.
Spring break.  She is planning her next sewing project : wrap dress out of a floral print denim.
In class next project is an oversized shirt with collar, cuffs at the sleeves and buttons.  Drafting the sleeves. Trying to work in metric is so much easier.


  1. Hi. This question is to further the discussion of stash "culling". I really want to do this myself but have so much quality yarn that I loath to put it in Good Will. I don't have a local knitting group to do a swap. I would really like to lighten my load. What kind of creative ways can I pare down my stash but feel like I haven't thrown all the money I have spent away over the years (a lot!)? Help!

  2. I was thinking along a similar line. I’ve recently taken up weaving on a rigid heddle cricket loom. In about 4 hours I have a scarf! If you’d like to use your quality yarn, try weaving. You do get a nice product for a little bit of instruction. And who couldn’t use a complementary fiber hobby ;)