Thursday, March 8, 2018

Very Star Trek - Episode 471 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:31)
Gigi knit one ear on one animal preemie hat, and finished a stripey preemie hat.

Jasmin made some progress on the body of her Frozen Hearts sweater, the body is almost done.

Gigi is working on her ravellenics project, the Ribbi Cardi out of Cascade Venezia.  Jasmin started the

In Stitches:(19:16)
Gigi has been wearing the Quynn hat for sleeping, wool socks and the Knitmore Cowl, and Lorelei cowl
by Sivia Harding.

Events: (21:03)

Mother Knows Best:(22:48)
This week Gigi has a piece of advice: Instead of pointing out mistakes, show someone something on
your project that you enjoyed, makes you happy, and are proud of.
Gigi mentions the Sewing Out Loud podcast.

When Knitting Attacks:(25:21)
Gigi was working on the Ribbi Cardi, and was repeatedly and savagely attacked by her knitting.
She mentioned the Wanda/Susan Bates Handi Tool

This week we review I knit New York.

And Sew On:(46:13)
Gigi's class at West Valley College is Flat Pattern Construction.
The book they are using is Patternmaking for Fashion Design
Gigi tells a story from class that involves lack a foundation garments.

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