Thursday, January 18, 2018

Petit Fours - Episode 464 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(0:32)
Gigi cast on a preemie hat out of leftover Regia.
Jasmin made some slow progress on the last chart on her “Frosted” sweater. She’s calling it
Frozen hearts”,

Gigi is knitting Vanilla is the New Black socks. One pair is for Sam, and is still not finished She
is also working on a pair for herself and has finished the heel increases

Jasmin has knit about half of the  “All you need is hat” hat for the American Heart Association's
American Heart Month out of Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio Sock in Station East.

Gigi Joker and the Thief, #BigBadBergalong, no progress
Gigi is also working on the Russell Street Shawl and has done the first nine colors.

Jasmin mentions her rainbow dots cowl.

Gigi is working on the Purlbreak shawl, she finished three mini skein stripes and started the fourth
color and switched to a long needle.

Jasmin talks about different needles, Zings from Knitters Pride, Addi Turbo's, and Marblz.

Jasmin has made some progress on Genevieve’s  Sweet imPEACHment hat, featuring the
earflaps from the 1898 hat; the earflaps are nearly finished.

Jasmin knit quite a bit on the Tale as Old as Time Cowl during The Shape of Water.

In Stitches:(14:03)
Gigi has been wearing her sleeping hat, the Quynn hat, and wool socks. Also, wristers and
Greyhaven hat , and the Knitmore Cowl

Genevieve: Olivia hat, Gone Astray, Hamilknit hat.
Andrew is wearing his new watch cap (now with fancy label!)

Noelle from the Traveling Stitches Podcast introduced her podcast.

Stitches West February 22-25, 2018. Meet and greet Saturday 11:30-1:30 in the Erin Lane booth.
Also, Ravellenics are coming up, February 9th -25th. Join Team Sasquatch!

Mother Knows Best:(21:20)
This week: Get a haircut!

When Knitting Attacks:(23:35)
Gigi was working on the Purlbreak. Instead of 2 skeins, there are 7 mini skeins

The Yarniacs talked about celebrating their stash.
Quote: I Knit With what I love and love what I'm knitting.
Changing the culture of the stash.

This week we review All About Knitting, by Martingale Publishing

Ravellenics Training:(47:43)
Week 3: Wind your yarn and swatch, Join Team Sasquatch

And Sew On:(55:07)
No progress on the sewn imPEACHment hats, Gigi needs to get busy.
Gigi sewed the invisible zipper into Genevieve’s dress.  Side seams and hem are left.
Also, she did a bunch of mending.
She installed the invisible zipper in Genevieve’s dress, followed directions on pattern and zipper
insert. She did not have enough info and is not pleased with the quality of her work.

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