Thursday, November 2, 2017

Momentum - Episode 453 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(0:36)
Gigi is knitting charity hats in the  Barley pattern, and one baby Barleys for the NICU
Jasmin finished test knitting the Frosted Top for Lisa Ross out of Lisa Souza Supersport. (Enjoy this pattern for FREE with code FROZEN through November 3, 2017! To get the matching sweater for 40% OFF, click here and use code FROZEN (in a separate transaction))

Also, Genevieve needs to draw a ponytail hat for her mom to knit.

Gigi is knitting 3 pairs of Vanilla is the New Black socks, one out of Patons Kroy, one is Regia, and the third is Berry Colorful Yarnings . I also had cast on another pair of socks. I have to try the cuff on Sam. If it fits, it will become another pair of Vanilla is the new black socks.

Jasmin is almost finished with the Baa-ble hat #1.
Gigi finished weaving in ends of the  Pops out of Tess yarn for the Pop blanket.

Jasmin is working on the Tale as old as Time cowl, and she really likes the new quilt clips
Gigi blocked the Mishke last week. It is warm and cuddly.

We need to figure out what to do about the beautiful buttons that snag the knitting on the Girl's Victorian coat.
Jasmin also has a Vanilla is the New Black sock on the needles.
Jasmin is planning a Frosted sweater for herself. With hearts.
We are planning for next year and also thinking about an engagement survey.

Grinch-along, December 1st to 25th 2017

#OperationSockDrawer, and #ProjectSweaterChest are ongoing. Entries will be judged on the basis of originality and delightfulness.
New Prize: Black Trillium Lilt “Chennai”
We have a new contest:The  "I Blame the Knitmores " Contest .The Prize is a mug from Pawley Studios and tea from Plum Deluxe.
Contest responses need to be posted in the I Blame the Knitmore's thread. It will continue until November 23rd.

Mother Knows Best:(18:26)
This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?” thread, about blocking order of operations. Jasmin references Amy Herzog

When Knitting Attacks:(22:46)
Gigi could not find her 4th dpn. Also, she missed a decrease row on the crown of a hat.

This week we review
Point/Counterpoint Vol 3, by Mary Hull (Kino Knits) and Clare Devine.

Gigi thinks that Socks on a Plane would coordinate well with the mitts.

Straw into Gold:(37:25)
SPINNING! Inspired by Spinzilla, Jasmin is spinning her Family Hiro sweaters. 2 hours/1 oz/29grams. At this rate, they’ll be done eventually. Spun on the Infinite Twist Acadia and the QO Device.

And Sew On:(44:43)
Gigi organized her sewing space.  She read a great article in this month’s Threads magazine on
5 ways to get a custom fitting pattern

Pinned interfacing to lining

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