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Fish Oil - Episode 449 - The Knitmore GIrls

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On the Needles:(0:32)
Jasmin mentions Dr Gemma of the Cogknitive podcast.

Jasmin mentions Danie of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast, who dyes yarn. She ordered yarn from her, to knit the Boxy Chevron sweater by Susanne Sommer out of One Twisted Tree in “Take the Watch”, “Chaotic Neutral” and “Shrewd Lady Mary”.

Jasmin mentions the sheep sweaters, the Welcome to the Flock, and Totally Flocked for Genevieve.

Gigi finished knitting her shawl from the Knitalong! This is a design from Romi Hill with yarn from Lorna's Laces  String Quintet kit. It is the #3PartHarmonyKal!. You can find details in our ravelry thread. Gigi was using Knitters Pride needles and cables, using the iPad for the chart with  the Goodreader app.

Gigi found some finished blanket square that need to be blocked to a ten inch size . She talked to Bethany from the Backstage Knitting podcast about sizing for squares.

Jasmin is making good progress on her Vanilla is the New Black socks in Knitmona "Creepy Crawlers" self-striping. Gigi cast on a  pair of Vanilla is the New Black out of Regia in an ombre stripe on Sock Rockets.

Gigi is knitting a Barley hat out of Alpenglow Yarn . Sam asked for a hat to match his beard and we are looking for the right yarn. Gigi finished another shark colored baby hat in Shark's colors.
Jasmin pulled out a sweater out of the UFO area, the Little Pole, which she is knitting on Knitters Pride Zing Needles. Gigi mentions the Knitters Pride Nova needles. And Jasmin loves their color coded cables.

Gigi was making Pops out of Tess yarn for the Pop blanket. So far done:
The neon green, yellow, tomato red, orange, petroleum blue, dark lavender and sapphire blue are done.  She was working on teal. Two more colors are left. She ran out of background grey. (This project is on hold until we get more yarn.)

Grinch-along, December 1st to 25th 2017

#OperationSockDrawer, and #ProjectSweaterChest are ongoing. Entries will be judged on the basis of originality and delightfulness.
New Prize: a skein of A Hundred Ravens Iachos in “Starry Night

Mother Knows Best:(26:20)
This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?” thread. about  how we got into podcasting.

When Knitting Attacks:(35:44)
Gigi messed up the #3partharmonyKAL. Purling on a knit row. Tink!

Also, she ran short of main color, and had to leave out last three rows before bind off. She  had to tink back the bind off row.

Jasmin found that she should administer fish oil pills AFTER knitting.

Gigi blocked her giant Aeolian shawl.  she looked at finished projects on ravelry and decided to block it with 5 points. She used blocking wires. Stretched it as far as she could. The shawl did not cooperate with having each tip blocked into 5 points

She had started a U turn sock out of Patons Kroy.  Yarn needed a plainer pattern. Frogged!

Purloined (44:52)
This week we are Purloining from the Backstage Knitting podcast hosted by Bethany and Anna. Jasmin and Genevieve went to see The Little Mermaid at the local theatre.

This week we review: A Stash of One’s Own by Clara Parkes

And Sew On:(54:36)
Gigi is working on the dress with the A line skirt and midriff detail.  New Look pattern 6447
Gigi picked up ¼ yard of black lace for the slip, and pressed the stay stitching
Also, Gigi cut the fabric for this years Grinchmas bags.

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