Friday, July 28, 2017

Darn, Darn, Need More Yarn - Episode 439 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week's episode is sponsored by:
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So, now we’re ready to talk about Akerworks swatch gauges, which are designed to take a bit of the stress out of your knitting projects. This product is kind of the punchline to the joke that starts with, “a knitter, an engineer, and an architect walk into a…. well, workshop, I guess!” The swatch gauge they designed makes swatching fun and accurate. Akerworks: We like making things.


No matter what you need, the barmaids have you covered from head to toe. Face pudding to keep you smiling, Lolo lips keep them kissable, probiotic deodorant for keeping you fresh as a rose, oh for feet’s sake to keep your feet soft and sandal ready, and the Lolo body bar for everything in between. You can find all this - and more! at
Every hobby needs organization, every project needs a place. Erin.Lane bags helps you turn your fiber pasttime into neat and organized endeavor. Our project bags, totes, and needle and notions organizers are everything you need to keep your fiber arts from fraying.
Feel like having a spa day after the rush of Tour de Fleece? Give your hands a well-deserved rest with the utter decadence of 14.5 micron Merino/Cashmere spinning fiber from The Homestead Hobbyist. The Merino is softer than most Cashmere. Plus, there’s actual Cashmere. ’nuf said. Take 10% off these hand-dyed braids with code “knitmoretreat” at
Named for the Three Fates and the Three Graces in Greek Mythology, Infinite Twist Fates and Graces are three-packs of cake-dyed gradient yarns. They are sisters (from the same dye lot), but not triplets. Each cake is 200 yards long, and knits up into five unique stripes. Variegated, speckled, or semi-solid, each stripe brings something new to your needles. To showcase these gorgeous gradients, Infinite Twist has worked up an easy Bias Scarf Kit featuring Fates and Graces. If you can k2tog and m1, you can knit this scarf!
Perfect for purse- or travel-knitting, and available in the Infinite Twist shop.

On the Needles:(0:34)
Photobucket Fix - thanks, Dami!

Gigi is making progress on another Bias Loop Cowl out of oink lace from Oink PIgments in Wine Knot Cabernet Sauvigyarn.

Jasmin has been working on the yoke of the Hearthstone pullover by Ysolda Teague. She mentions the Leslie Wind cable needle.

Gigi blocked more shawls: the Adamas shawl, and a shawl that we attributed to Sivia Harding by mistake.

Jasmin cast on a pair of socks to knit on the way to and from Hamilton- White Birch Fiber Arts “history has its eyes on you”.

Gigi is working on more preemie hats, she heard about the Itty Bitty Bear Hats pattern from Paula of the Knitting Pipeline podcast.

Jasmin made some progress on the second Hamilknit hat. Just not in time to wear it to the show.

We are starting a new Knitalong August 1st. This is a design from Romi Hill with yarn from Lorna's Laces. It is the #3PartHarmonyKal! You can find details in our ravelry thread.

Jasmin pulled out a pair of socks for Andrew from Area 51- “Spock” by turtlepurl, Smooth Operator sock pattern. Jasmin mentions the Hallmark Star Trek Christmas ornament

Gigi is making Pops out of Tess yarn for the Pop blanket. So far done: 8

Stash Dash has started! (May 26 until end of August) This is hosted by the Knit Girllls

Tour De Fleece :7/1 through 7/23/2017, finished
PIQF is coming in October!
San Jose Quilt Museum  has a sale.
Stitches West class offerings just were posted!

We packed up all outstanding #operationsockdrawer and #projectsweaterchest prizes and shipped them.

We finally announce Do Some Good and Grinchalong winners this week and will ship the next week.

Also, we are giving away two seats on the bus to Jimmy Beans Wool Biggest Little Yarn Tour. To win, you have until Sunday 30th to tell us what you will be knitting, crafting, doing on the bus. (They're in Reno!)

Knows Best:(23:45)
This week we talk about transferring yarn onto storage bobbins.

When Knitting Attacks:(29:00)
Gigi picked yarn colors that don't work together for her project.
Jasmin finds that counting to 11 is hard.

This week we review Lorelei's Journey, by Jessica Andersen
Tour de Fleece:(45:37)
Gigi didn't finish spinning or plying.
Jasmin did the #tourdefleece equivalent of calling an uber.
I feels like an epic fail

And Sew On:(48:57)
Gigi sewed a preemie shirt, that still needs to be pressed.

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