Thursday, September 15, 2016

Möbius Starfish - Episode 394 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:(0:32)

Jasmin has been working on the Bifrost scarf , from Infinite Twist and is enjoying it tremendously. She also thinks this would be a great way to do an updated Dr. Who scarf.

Gigi is announcing her formerly secret project :the Polygon blanket, by TincanKnits out of Black Trillium Fibres, in Sublime DK superwash merino gradient kits: Coral, Tidewater, Ursa. Each piece takes about one hour. Each ball yields about 5 "starfish"
We are on a blanket kick and we also want to knit the Pop blanket, and the Vivid blanket out of yarn from Tess Yarns. We are reminiscing about knitting dish cloth blankets. Jasmin mentions Marly Bird's visible, decorative seams.

Jasmin is making progress on the Anna sweater. She is enjoying the rhythm and progress a lot.
Gigi is knitting the occasional preemie hat and trying to catch up on weaving in a gazillion ends.

Jasmin made some progress on the Gone astray cardigan


 Operation Sockdrawer is up and running again, and we have a winner this week!
#operationsockdrawer: The  winner of a skein on Lisa Souza Deluxe Sock “Francoise” is AbbieN!

Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.
  #projectsweaterchest. This is the sweater equivalent of #operationsockdrawer. We want to encourage you to knit yourself a chest full of sweaters. This contest also has been inspired by Susan B. Anderson and her fast forward video of her top 10 sweaters.
The newest prize for #Projectsweaterchest is a  set of Namaste mesh project bags.
We have lots of great prizes to give away. Feel free to double dip with any other KAL.

FYI: The Buffalo Wool Company has their Fall Sweater Challenge from August 1st to October 1st

#elizalong also applies to this contest, since Elizabeth Doherty's  sweaters are polished and functional, and excellent for everyday wear.

Mother Knows Best:(24:26)


This week we talk about fiber artists being treated well, and be compensated fairly for their work.
We mention Stephanie Pearl McPhee,  Judith McKenzie, Rick Mondragon, Galina, Lily Chin, and the Philosophers.

 Please feel free to offer your views in the episode thread.

When Knitting Attacks:(37:45)

Gigi managed to twist a cast on row on one of the hexagons for the blanket. On one piece, the cast on numbers were off.

from the Knit Girllls. What we are reading:

We are ambivalent about the mermaids in the Emily Windsnap series, and Debbie Dadey's Mermaid series. Jasmin also mentions Beauty, Spindles End and How to Knit a Love Song 


Mad Colour: bold and playful modern knits by Alexa Ludeman And Emily Wessel (Tincanknits)

Sweaters in sizes from 0-6 month to 4XL

We mention the Pop blanket again, and Jasmin digresses and talks about Omar Khayyam's Rubaiyyat

Straw into Gold :(54:49)
Jasmin has been spinning on the Device (#006DeviceTour #MissionQuestionable). Jasmin gives it her Schacht endorsement.

She is spinning for the Incredibles' sweaters series (Hiro cardigans for the whole family) on the Infinite Twist Acadia wheel.

And Sew on:(58:57)

Gigi worked on project bags. The sweatshop of love seems to be up and running again.
She made piles of bags in anticipation of this year's #Grinchalong.


  1. Would you please give more information on the Device (#006DeviceTour #MissionQuestionable)that you were spinning on in your next podcast.
    Ravelry ID: K2P2Momma

  2. Book suggestions: I really love Shannon Hales. She has written Princess Academy, Goose Girl, and a few others. They have strong female characters who aren't wimpy or sappy. I also like The Ordinary Princess by M. M. Kay. One more book (this is better for older readers) is Girl in a Cage. It's a historical fiction novel about Marjorie Bruce of Scotland. It's a great book, fascinating story, well researched, and will cure you from ever wishing you were a princess.

  3. I can heartily recommend the Grace series of books by Mary Hoffman. My daughter is six and when she was faced with a "princess" topic at school she struggled,having much preferred the dinosaur topic of the previous season. The answer was found,as always,at the library. " Princess Grace" is a great read and covers what princesses do and comes up with some very different types of princess.

  4. I would recommend Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine, as well as her Princess Tales short novels. Robyn Mckinley also has a second reselling of Beauty and the Beast titled "Rose Daughter", though I like "Beauty" better. Robyn Mckinley also has a dragon book, called Dragonhaven, though it might be better for an older kid, as it is a longer novel and at times a bit slow moving, though I thouroughly enjoyed it!