Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mousse-tasche - Episode 361 - The Knitmore Girls

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On The Needles:(0:34)

Jasmin is knitting hats for the #25000 tuques  #NewHomeNewHat. She is now knitting a Bumble hat out of Abstract Fiber. She has a FO- the Damsel hat from Woolly Wormhead out of White Birch Yarn, in Nothing Says I Love You Like a Rainbow.

Gigi is plugging away on a pair of vanilla socks out of Patons Kroy. Jasmin has another FO, the Ribaroni hat, out of Tess Yarns

Gigi has been working on the beaded mesh of the Viajante border, and she is enjoying the rhythm.  And we love the beading directions.

Jasmin is working on the Churchmouse Spock cardigan for Rex.

We are starting the Eliz-along. Someone posted the errata for Elizabeth Doherty's Top Down
 book. We are knitting the Helvetica and Copperplate patterns. This goes along with #projectsweaterchest

In Stitches:(20:56)

Gigi has been wearing socks, wristers, her grey citron and a pre-ravelry v-neck pullover from Knitting Pure and Simple.  It needs a Gleener, as does Genevieve's Elsa cardigan,

Jasmin has been wearing her Cece cardigan, and the Tess silk/wool hat, )

Genevieve wore the Elsa cardigan, the Elsa hat, Olivia hat, and Bumble hat, and the Kapuzin hoodie, and the  caterpillar cardigan.

Rex wore the Purl Soho Baby cardi, and the wee envelope sweater,  and the Gramps cardigan
and Gigi's Martha .


We are very excited about attending Stitches West


 We announced the winners of the  Do some good contest.  The prizes are:
A Lolo Bar- destined2knit
A very big Erin Lane Bag - creativevibe (happy birthday!)
Leslie wind cable needle ring - wittyknittingyarn
Surprise fourth prize: Jenn-i-fur

#grinchalong, prizes
 Lolo Foot Bar,- almariecraft
and Erin Lane Bag- mstoltz
and a Skein of Cephalopod Traveller- maniago
Leslie wind cable needle ring- LisaM87
Juliana's Fibres board shorts - knittingdaddy

And we are re-launching #operationsockdrawer

Also, we were wondering what prizes you think we should give for #25000 tuques/ #newhomenewhat

Mother Knows Best:(35:15)

This week we answer a question from the What do you want to hear about thread about having "The talk" about not getting into a parents knitting.
Jasmin recommends Jane Nelson's  Positive Discipline

When Knitting Attacks:(44:23)

Gigi was attacked by her 1000 Tulips Shawl.
Jasmin was attacked by her yarn.


This week we review
Lost Coast by Ashley Hurst
Knittin Little, Fall 2015
Child For all Seasons M-Kal

Straw into Gold:(1:11:24)

Gigi had fun with an Akerworks spindle. Everyone else in the house also played with the spindles.

And Sew On:(1:19:17)

Gigi and a young friend were working on copying patterns out of Sew Many Dresses, Sew Little Time and cutting them out of muslin. Gigi talked about sewing darts and stay stitching. 

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  1. Liebe Gigi, bei Muriel von Nahtzugabe 5cm gibt es gerade einen Podcats zu Grundschnitten und Anpassung. Mir hat er sehr gut gefallen, ich musste bei der Erwähnung des Probeteils aus Muslin und dem Anpassen daran denken. Hier der Link:

    LG Melanie