Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ample and Lush - Episode 317 - The Knitmore Girls

Genevieve's Tube Sock pattern now available in the UK via
Listen here:

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On The Needles:(0:35)

Gigi is working on the #matchymatchyKAL, in the form of the Waters Edge in Abstract Fiber Rothko. Also #FFFWKAL

Jasmin has been working on her Genevieve's Barberry Cardigan out of Abstract Fiber Calder (in the "Saffron" colorway). #matchymatchyKAL #projectsweaterchest. She references the Playful Stipes cardigan.

Gigi is also working on the "Je suis prest"colorway Vanilla socks, from Gingertwist Studio in Edinburgh which lives in her tartan bag from the Caithness Craft Collective #kiltmenowKAL.

Jasmin is working on the Frozen Throne colorway socks by Gourmet Stash.

Gigi is planning to knit 52 preemie hats in 2015 and is working on hats out of rescued yarn from the yarn swap.

And she has started the Cletus out of Beastly Crochet in Manos.
In Stitches:( 10:19)

Gigi wore the Cookie Monster Sweater, and Cassidy.

Jasmin has been wearing her Breezy cardigan, the Looped Loop cowl, the Boneyard shawl. Genevieve wore her Playful Stripes, and her Little Oak cardigan.


2/19-2/22/2015: Stitches West! We will be collecting preemie hats there.
     - Meet and greet! Saturday 2/21 from 11:30-1 (or until we're done) in the Purlescence Yarns booth


Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to the ravelry forum, or to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.

The winner of this week's prize, a skein of Lollipop Yarns in the colorway: Breakers 
is KnitKimberKnit

We are co-hosting the Countdown to Outlander Knitalong on instagram,  #countdowntooutlander, #kiltmenowKAL. This has to be creatively related to the Outlander series.  Getting help from pocket Jamie is encouraged.

This is an instagram contest, so please make sure to use the appropriate hashtags.

This is being co-hosted by Maria from Subway Knits, CC from Geeky Girls Knit, and Kristin from YarnGasm.

Prizes for this contest are two braids of fiber and two skeins of yarn from Gourmet Stash in the colorways "Time Traveler" and "Waterweed".


Our annual Do Some Good contest has begun! Do some good on a local, national or global level, post it to the thread, maybe you'll win a prize! But you'll definitely do some good, and that's awesome. The contest will close1/21/2015.

Winners will be chosen on the basis of originality and delightfulness. Also, your charity needs to benefit others than your immediate friends and family.

For the first hundred entries, the prizes are:

-The Dishcloth Diva package:
     -Prize includes: Big Fat Soap (by the Bar Maids), a copy of Dishcloth Diva and Dishcloth Diva Knits On!and dishcloths knit by Deb Buckingham herself.

 - An Erin Lane Bag
 - And something else, pending Jasmin going out to the arctic garage

For each additional 50 entries, we will add another prize.

Mother Knows Best:(19:13)

This week we anwer two questions from the Ask Me Anything thread on FaceBook.
The first question is about out roll-out of the Head to Toe Project.
We have yarn support from Cascade Yarns and they have supplied yarn for test knitting preemie hats.
Jade from Geek Girl Crafts will be doing out photography and lay-out.
Patterns also need to be tech edited.
We are hoping to make the Head to Toe Project go global.

The other question is about how we deal with critical reviews, thinly veiled judgements, and nasty comments.

Jasmin references the Have You Filled a Bucket Today? book, and she loves Amy-Beth from The Fat Squirrel Speaks.

When Knitting Attacks:(34:39)

The Waters Edge has attacked Gigi repeatedly. 

Holidays with the Knitmores:(36:07)

This week we talk about how to love your knitter. We think that having a secret board on Pinterest is a great idea. Also, we have a board with things we think are wonderful.


This week we review The Ultimate Hat Book

Straw Into Gold:(46:00)

Gigi has been spinning on her Jenkins Lark spindle and on her Bosworth Spindle. Also, she has oiled her Matchless and is ready to start spinning again. She is practicing on a Mendenhall Merino, prepared by Morro Fleece Works.

Jasmin talks about her nutmeg colored hogget fleece, from Janet Heppler's Nebo Rock Ranch,
which will grow up to be a Pumpkin Ale sweater by Isolda Teague.

We admire Leslie of the Knit Girlls' Pumpkin Ale sweater.

And Sew On:(51:24)

Gigi has finished the "Frozen" nightgown for Genevieve, Butterick Pattern B4910
She has cut Frozen nightgown II and has sewn some of the seams.

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  1. Loved this epidode, especially the discussion about dealing with people on the Internet. That often holds me back from putting myself out there. Love your podcast and look forward to listening every week!