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Hope springs eternal - Episode 309 - The Knitmore Girls


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The newest innovation from the Namaste sisters is the Poppins bag.  This bag opens wide and is surprisingly spacious despite it's compact appearance.  Super cute design with magnetic top closures to allow you to knit out of your closed bag (and separate fibers if you wish) with no worries of snagging your precious fibers.  2 external zipper pockets and plenty more inside, including internal tool storage slots- this bag is awesome.  Get yours at
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On The Needles(0:39)

 Gigi has been working on the Wild Iris cowl from the Book of Cowls by Sivia Harding. She is knitting it out of Bijou Basin Ranch's Himalayan Trail in the "Sassenach" colorway #kiltmenowKAL.

 Jasmin had suggested using the buttonhole from Anna Zilborg Knitting for Anarchists Gigi is thrilled with the construction of this bound buttonhole. Jasmin mentions Lucy Neatby's buttonhole.

Jasmin is working on a sock out of of Abstract Fiber "Bonfire" (dyed warp style) socks, which will grow up to be a Procrastinatrix from Sock Architecture. And she is excited about her provisional cast on.

Gigi  is also working on the Knit your Love (from the Strickmich club). Gigi worked a bit on the Van Gogh, "Bedroom in Arles" yarn by Opal.

 Jasmin is working on socks out of the "Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound" colorway from Lollipop Yarns. It passed the swatch test with flying colors. Jasmin mentions the flickr album for swatches. She talks about the Happy Howloween socks.

Jasmin is doing Kate Davies's crocheted steek and is excited about it. She mentions the Mother Knows Best Board on Pinterest. And she likes the Dale of Norway sweaters.

Gigi has made some progress on her Mystik Spiral socks (one pair in Regia, one pair in Mint Rain,).
Jasmin has another pair of fall colored socks out of Regia 6ply.

In Stitches:(17:38)

Gigi has been wearing a cowl and wristers that Jasmin made, socks, the Cookie Monster Sweater that was a gift, and Gran's Hug. Grandpa Knitmore has been wearing hats to bed.

Genevieve has been wearing her Mollie hat, her Olivia hat, wristers

Jasmin has been wearing her Seneca, the Ophidian shawl, the Mariah cardigan, she mentions the Breezy cardigan, And the Tempest.


11/28: Pajama Jammie Jam at Purlescence
2/19-22/2015: Stitches West!
Live Episode with Marly Bird, on the air now!


Parameters for participating in the #operationsockdrawer contest:

Participants: post a picture to instagram with the #operationsockdrawer, have your ravelry name on your instagram profile. Feel free to double dip your projects.

Projects will be judged on originality and general delightfulness.
Upcoming prize:
A skein of sock yarn from Fab Funky Fibres in the colorway "I believe in the Impossible"

The Grinch-along. We have extended the starting date to December 1st. Cease and desist all holiday gift knitting! #grinchalong. Knitting only for pleasure. Take pictures and post them in the ravelry group thread and/or on Instagram.

Prizes will be Grinchy knitting bags sewn in the "Sweatshop Of Love"(Lovingly purloined from Sweatshop Of Love) by the Knitmore Girls out of Grinchy fabric. Let us know what fun holiday things you are doing instead of gift knitting. Do multiple dipping with as many contests as you can.
Pinterest link to the tutorial we used.

Other prizes for the #grinchalong:

 - Santa Claus, IN  (Poste Self-striping yarn base), provided by Simply Socks Yarn Co.
 - Jollyville, TX (Poste Self-striping yarn base), provided by Simply Socks Yarn Co.
- Wicked, from Vollenvine, on the Lush base.
- Body scrub from the BarMaids

The Do Some Good Contest is also coming up soon.
Mother Knows Best:(33:33)

This week we answer questions out of the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about
how to deal with pet hair on knits.

Jasmin talks about the Mars King Comb, she is very happy with her Dyson Animal We prefer red velvet lint brush to the sticky rollers.

When Knitting Attacks:(41:21)

Jasmin managed to erase all of the show notes that Gigi had just painstakingly finished. Gigi has a hard time following the directions for the beaded edging and beading on the Wild Iris cowl.

Jasmin managed to cut a piece of waste yarn from the end of the ball that she was working on.
Gigi broke a sock needle in a project bag. Gigi found huge spots from a fabric marker on the slip of Genevieve's dress.


This week we review  the Namaste Poppins bag, and the Meghan pouchlet.

Jasmin mentions her hot pink Malibu bag. She also loves the Harlow bag. Her Zuma bag looked lke a frog and she loved it, and Gigi likes using her mini messenger bag, and she also enjoys the mesh Oh Snap bags, and she wears the hip holster every time there is an event to go to.

Holidays With The Knitmores:(57:38)

This week we talk about gifts of time.

Straw Into Gold:(1:05:43)

Jasmin is still swatching for her Nutmeg colored Pumpkin Ale from the Rhinebeck Sweater Book. the fleece is from Nebo Rock Ranch.

Gigi empties her bobbins onto 6" plastic Schacht bobbins and counted 750 g of singles. Also, she got an early Christmas gift, a beautiful Schacht cherry matchless!

And Sew On:(1:09:46)

Jasmin and Gigi have been sewing piles of grinch bags for the Grinch-along.
Gigi has been putting on the finishing touches on Genevieve's summer dress. Simplicity 2265

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