Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lots of Ears - Episode 278 - The Knitmore Girls

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On The Needles:(0:33)

Gigi is working on the sleeves of the  Dr Watson sweater out of Cascade Ecological Wool Colorblock pullover by Karen Borrel out of  Malabrigo Rios.

Gigi is working on the the Water's Edge for the #matchymatchyKAL out of Abstract Fiber's Rothko,
Jasmin is working on the  Hitchhiker by Martina Behm #behmalong, out of Supersock by Abstract Fiber.

Gigi is making tube socks for Genevieve out of leftover Fluoromania, and cast on some more  out of leftover Loops and Threads.

We announce our sixth anniversary of podcasting.


June 7th, Fleeces, Food and Fun, at the Retzlaff Winery.

June 14th- June 22nd: International Knit In Public Day Week

Also: shout out to the first Leipziger Wollefest!

Mother Knows Best:(11:28)

Enjoy the process!

Jasmin mentions her Breezy Cardigan and the Calligraphy cardigan.

When Knitting Attacks:(17:17)

Gigi was attacked by her Water's Edge and did a very efficient tink. Jasmin was attacked by the errata of the Barberry cardigan


This week we are purloining "Happy Note", from the Down Cellar Studio podcast, hosted by BostonJen.

Jasmin mentions Baking Illustrated. Jasmin is happily endorsing Franklin Habits photography class and mentions the Savvy Girls podcast.


This week we reviewIris Schreier's Reversible Knits

We reference Reversible Cables with Lily Chin, and Lucy Neatby's website and her DVDs

Straw Into Gold:(35:38)

Gigi is attending Spin U at Purlescence, and is happy with using a long draw to spin cotton and bison. We mention Judith McKenzie McCuin and her Buffalo Gals Yarn, and Miriam Felton.

We have selected our SPAKAL 2014, they are the Flax pullover and the Harvest cardigan from the Simple Collection by Tin Can Knits. Jasmin mentions Natalie from the Mastering the Knits podcast.

And Sew On:(44:38)

Jasmin is working on a dress for Genevieve. We mention Dr Gemma.

Gigi is easing the sleeves for the Nemesis dress for Savvygirlmelanie. She needs to pick up a new awl.


  1. Buffalo/Bison
    Dictionary definition:
    1. American bison , Also called: buffalo a member of the cattle tribe, Bison bison , formerly widely distributed over the prairies of W North America but now confined to reserves and parks, with a massive head, shaggy forequarters, and a humped back

  2. I just started listening to your podcast with this episode and really enjoyed it, especially the back-and-forth banter between mother and daughter. The discussion on enjoying the process was a welcome reminder that knitting isn't my job -- it's something that I do because I enjoy it, and I should be mindful of that. My knitting exists to serve me, not the other way around. That kind of philosophy is also good for non-knitting areas of life as well.

    Looking forward to more episodes!