Thursday, February 27, 2014

Woolwind - Episode 270 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:31)

We mention visiting with Sasha, the amazing Spin Doctor.

Gigi has been working on Dr. Watson, her TEFKAKO project, also on a vanilla sock out of Loops and Threads Luxury Sock Yarn.

Jasmin has been working on her Blueflame socks, from Lisa Sousa's Hardtwist. She has started a new project, socks out of Fabel Prints by Drops.

Our listeners are awesome, Team Knitmore collected over 900 hats for Halos of Hope. We mention Namaste, and their Harlow bag.We will be announcing winners next week, after the totals are officially announced.


We got to meet The Knotty Girls, The Knitters Brewing Company, we mention Melanie of the Savvy Girls. The play by play of our Stitches West experiences can be heard on Dr Gemma's Cogknitive podcast.

We mention our lunches from Specialties, and talking with Steve Malcom

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Meet-and-Greet. We mention Benjamin Levisay,
CEO of XRX Publishing, Stitches and charming host of the  Fiber Hooligan podcast.

We hung out with the 2 Knit Lit Chicks, Just Another Bay Area Knitting Podcast, Abby of Knit Knit Cafe, and Elizabeth Douherty.

We talk about the fashion show, and the new book by XRX, Knit in New Directions, by Myra Wood. We mention Rick Mondragon, editor of Knitters Magazine.

We mention Gigi's "How to sew in a label" demo, and lever knitting.

Best of Show:We are charmed by the Yarnover Truck. And we love Erin Lane Bags, and her bag club. Cephalopod Yarns. Knitter's Brewing Company (Team Sockoholic) Kits, especially Fangs!, Nordic Mart. Amy Herzog's Custom Fit site (and her book). Western Sky Knits, Rachael Herron, Miriam Felton, Romi Hill, Barmaids.

We mention the Yarniacs, Stash and Burn, the Knitting Rose, Galina Khmeleva, Alana of Never Not Knitting, Marly Bird of Yarn Thing.

We will be attending Fleeces, Food and Fun at the (Retzlaff) Winery, June 7th, 2014

In Stitches:(37:34)

Gigi wore her Katarina, and mentions new patterns at Cocoknits. Jasmin debuted her Boneyard shawl. She wore her Citron shawl, Gigi wore her Citron, her Cassidy and her Gran's
Hug. Curious George modeled Genevieve's Little Oak Cardigan in the Cephalopod booth.

Mother Knows Best:(43:05)

This week we answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread about travel knitting. Gigi mentions her Icarus shawl. Jasmin mentions Steven West shawls


We purloin the amazing grosgrain ribbon treatment that Dataknitter did on her Cassidy. Misattributed: is her Acorn Sweater.


This week we review Lit Knits, by Audry Nicklin.

We also gush about her Southern Skies, Celestarium and the new Equatorial Nights.

Ravellenic Update:(1:00:25)

Gigi did not place, she didn't even finish the back of her Dr. Watson sweater, much less finish the whole sweater.

Jasmin also ran short on time, but made good progress on her project, her SPAKAL sweater.

Straw Into Gold:(1:05:12)

Gigi mentions her Spin U class at Purlescence, and her homework assignment.


  1. Great Show! And thanks for the shout-out (smile).
    It was great to talk to both of you at the show.

    Take care.

    Benjamin Levisay
    XRX, Inc — STITCHES Events, Knitter's Magazine, & XRX Books

  2. It is always a joy to see you two! Honestly, I was searching for you at the show all weekend (Gigi you and I kept running into one another but Jasmin was always 'off') and I am thrilled that we finally got to see each other on Sunday! Did you see the awesome picture of us? I put it on Facebook. Here is a link: I love it! I love you two, too!

    I wish I could have been at the podcaster meet-up...but I was teaching. Next year...can you all do it at lunch time? Pretty Please?

    BTW: how did I NOT know about Specialties? I must have it next year!

    Keep it up ladies! Love your show :-) Mwah!
    Marly Bird

  3. So fun to meet you guys on Sat. Hope to make the podcaster meetup next time.