Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Truffles by the Handful - Episode 256 - The Knitmore Girls

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This week's episode is sponsored by:
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On The Needles:(0:35)

Gigi has some finished objects: She is a block away from having a FO: the Mojo socks out of Fortissima, and a pair of Spice Man socks out of Lionbrand SockEase, and she cast on a pair of tube socks for Genevieve, out of leftover SockEase.

Jasmin is working on the Little Oak cardigan out of Bugga by Cephalopod Yarns, and she mentions #operationsockdrawer, and the #Behmalong. For the buttons she got some squirrel buttons from Justfingerprint on Etsy.

Gigi turned the heel on her second  Crocus Vernus sock, from the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet.
Jasmin is working on her Hitchhiker for the #Behm-along. She is very happy about the Everlapse app.

Gigi has started her Christmas socks. She mentions the brilliant Natalie from the former BarknKnit podcast. We gush over We Need a Little Christmas, by Lollipop Yarn.

Gigi performed a fin-ectomy on her Frankenfisk and reknit the fin in the correct color.

We have two new prizes for the #PodcasterThrowdown:

A lovely skein of Lollipop Yarn in the colorway Sweet Child o' Mine.
And a skein from Great Lakes Hand Dyed. #themapples

Our  other prizes for the  Throwdown are:

Sivia Harding's Sister Joan Shawl, knit by Gigi

Jasmin's handspun:
  • In the Air Tonight, superwash, 328yds, Crown Mountain Farms
  • Violet Cherry, Pidgeonroof Studios, 402 Superwash BFL (187) 374 yds
  • Atlantis 402 Superwash Merino, Crown Mountain Farms, 500 yds
From FabFunkyFibres: a skein of 15 color rainbow merino/cashmere/nylon

You can follow this on twitter and instagram using #podcasterthrowdown.
We mention Shilo from the Spin Control podcast and her survey.

Our German words for the Behm-along are Kummerspeck, Käsefüsse, Wurstfinger and Dreckspatz.

We mention that SerenityNow suggested Strickvergnügen instead of selfish knitting.


On Black Friday we are planning to attend the Pajama Jammie Jam at Purlescence.
We are thinking of attending Madrona, and we will attend Stitches West 2014.

The  Famous Last Words Contest will wrap up by Thanksgiving, and prizes are:

LoLo Bar Trio
Erin Lane small drawstring bag
Tess Yarns Kitten

In Stitches:(26:58)

Gigi has been wearing handknit socks.
Jasmin wore her Tempest cardigan out of handspun Cormo.
Genevieve's Very Hungry Caterpillar cardigan will have a button re-glued to the shank and the Playful Stripes cardigan will get its buttons sealed.

Mother Knows Best:(29:38)

We answer a question from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread , about knitting in the dark.
Jasmin mentions the Biobands. We mention Annie Modesitt's website, and the Kindle app (Android, iOS, PC, Mac).

When Knitting Attacks:(34:59)

Gigi's  Leftie attacked her, and the brilliant idea she had for knitting tube socks for Genevieve, turned out to be more trouble that brilliant.


This week we are purloining the idea of #Thankvember from YarnMonkeh. Jasmin mentions Erica64.
Join us in posting what you are thankful for here.


This week we review Cora's Heart, by Rachel Herron.
We mention her other romance novels
How to Knit a Love Song
How to Knit a Heart Back Home
Wishes and Stitches

We mention  Morehouse Merino Critter Collection.
The interview with Rachel Herron can be found here.

Straw Into Gold:(48:02)

Gigi has been spinning  hand carded punis from Gourmet Stash, on a Russian supported spindle.

Jasmin mentions Deerfield Creations supported spindles, and Judith MacKenzie McCuin.


  1. Madrona is not to be missed! I heard about it for a few years before I decided to go the first time. I have not missed it since. I noticed that this year's schedule has more formal spinning classes than in previous years. That said, if you are interested, have your computer and fingers ready to go at the moment registration opens as classes sell out almost instantly.Everything other than classes (except the Saturday night dinner) is free. The marketplace is curated and is wonderful! Don't miss it.

  2. Awesome show!! Thank you, totally enjoyed it.