Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Art In Progress - Episode 223 - The Knitmore Girls

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She travels….extensively. At times by wheels, sometimes by wing, other times by wave. She  travels while she sits and knits, creativity driving. Creativity inspired by mountain travel, memories, textures and color, small towns, 5th Avenues and spring flowers. She travels…..light. Light as the wind. With her backpack  she is prepared to hike mountain passes, climb the north face, and forge those rivers.  Next week, she will grab her Zucca on wheels and brave airport security flying to the next big city. One thing remains constant. She always travels with a Lo-Lo Body Bar. She knows while hiking, she won’t be bugged, and while in the city, dry skin doesn’t have a chance.  
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On The Needles:(0:38)

Gigi has finished the Rubus Suberectus Socks out of the Knitters Curiosity Cabinet. Jasmin finished sewing on the grosgrain ribbon on her Very Hungry Caterpillar cardigan and is talking about the buttons. She mentions the Playful Stripes cardigan.

Gigi is making progress on the Celaeno shawl. Jasmin is working on the Antler cardigan.  Gigi is knitting tube socks for Genevieve. Jasmin has knit a few more rows on Andew's Houdini socks


We will be attending Wine and Wool, at the Retzlaff Winery, on Saturday, May 25th, in Livermore. This falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend

In Stitches:(12:07)

Gigi is wearing knitted socks, and is has started giving her house guests vanilla socks
Jasmin has also been wearing socks, and Genevieve has been wearing her Yoked cardigan

Mother Knows Best:(14:48)

We answer a questions about blocking buttonbands from the "What do you want to hear about?" thread. We mention Galina Khmeleva, and the Philosopher's Kilim Jacket


This week we are purloining from the TVknitting podcast, hosted by Stitchmistress. We talk about Downton Abbey.

Jasmin mentions Maria from Subway Knits, and Voolenvine from the Yarngasm podcast


This week we review The Embellished Sock, by Charles D. Gandy. We mention Think Outside the Sox. We talk about an I-cord maker

Straw Into Gold:(33:30)

Jasmin has been plying Gigi's handspun for her SPAKAL sweater on her Matchless. Also, she talks about spinning with children.

And Sew On:(38:19)

Jasmin is thinking about knitting a log cabin blanket. Gigi has hung unfinished quilts on the walls, and Jasmin likes the idea of displaying art in progress.


  1. That little cardigan turned out so cute. I love the bright stripes. Danger Mouse is growing up and is she ever darling. I was hoping for a picture of her wearing the new sweater.


  2. I am in the market for an i-cord maker. Can you recommend one?

    Thanks so much,