Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nemesis - Episode 214 - The Knitmore Girls


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On The Needles:(0:36)

The Savvy Girls declared us their nemesis, and we are engaged in a lively exchange on twitter. Gigi has finished knitting the Hipster Hat from Pacific Knits. Jasmin has finished the knitting of the Playful Stripes Cardigan. Button bands and buttons still need to be sewn on.

Gigi has finished the leg of the second  Magic Carpet Sock. Jasmin has started the Cascade Cardi by Raya Budrevich for Genevieve out of Cascade Greenland. Gigi started the Main Street Coffee Cozy.

Jasmin found her AWOL Looped Loop Cowl and has started another one. She mentions the Cleaves from Knitty. She mentions her blog. Gigi has turned the heel and is starting the gusset on her Monkey socks

In Stitches:(18:33)

Gigi is wearing the Piers and Waves sock from The Little Box of Socks. Also she wore the Scrunchi McScruncherson's Cowl, gifted by Chloe Sparkle.

Jasmin has been wearing her Woolpeddler Shawl, and her Mondo Cable Cardi. Sam wore Mom's gauntlets, Dad's Kaanteinen Hat, and his own Shark's Beanie

Genevieve wore a sweater that her Auntie Aimless knitted for her. And the Savvy Girls are wearing socks that Gigi knitted for them.


We cribbed from the Savvy Girls Forum.  Henceforth we will refer to a rash of new projects  as "Startosis".


We will be attending:

- February 21-24, 2013: Stitches West

Say hello if you see us!

Mother Knows Best:(27:49)

We answer a question from the "What Do You Want To Hear About" thread, about using grosgrain ribbon on the buttonhole side.

When Knitting Attacks:(36:15)

Gigi has knitted the first sleeve of her Katje cardi about five times, because she can't take the five minutes it takes to do the math.

Jasmin knitted the same button band on her Playful Stripes Cardigan about five times.


This week we are reviewing Teeny-Tiny Mochimochiand Super-Scary Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec

We mention Big Book of Knitted Monsters and Knit a Monster Nursery by Rebecca Danger

Straw Into Gold:(47:47)

Jasmin did some spinning on her drop spindle SPAKAL project.

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  1. Hi Jasmin and Gigi,

    Thank you so much for featuring my question on the show yesterday. I felt so special!!

    I am curious about something, though. When it comes to the button side of the band, you guys seem to have the process down pat. However, whenever you talk about the buttonhole side, it is more speculative. So, does this mean that you don't generally put ribbon on the buttonhole side? If so, has that made any difference to the fit and durability of the sweater over the years?

    Thanks for your help,