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Great Minds Sew Alike - Episode 210 - The Knitmore Girls

Veiwz boots and Trekking socks. I am the happiest knitter in the world!

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While winter brings feeling of nesting or hunkering down, it also means a picking up a piece or two of handcrafts. The oven works overtime for those holiday family favorites, quilters stitch just a tad faster to complete works of art before gift giving officially opens, and knitters dash to their local yarn store to squeeze in one more scarf or pair of socks for that last minute gift. As you are crafting wonders, Bar-Maids continues to handcraft yummy goodness for your skin ... all to to help you....even if you continue to create into the wee morning hours. Bar-Maids handcrafts their products with natural skin loving oils and butters; everything your skin needs to keep it soft and moisturized and nothing it doesn't. Since you use our hands a tad more in this season, let Lo-Lo help keep them moisturized. It's simple! Get your hands wet, shake the water off and get your Lo-Lo on before you pick-up needle, cookie cutter, or drop spindle.
Purlescence Yarns is the Bay Area's destination yarn shop. From the best in spinning and weaving equipment to luxurious yarns and fibers, we have what you need to make your fibery dreams a reality. We're always happy to provide mail order service for Knitmore Girls listeners. Call us today, it'll be on its way!

 On the Needles:(0:34)

Jasmin is making progress on the Playful Stripes cardigan for Genevieve. Gigi finished a preemie hat and cast on another one. Jasmin has added a few inches to her Breezy Cardigan.

Gigi is working on her Magic Carpet socks, with lots of modifications. Gigi has knit a bit on her Heathered Skirt out of Knitting 24/7. She is planning to enjoy the Christmas mood, and embellish felted ornaments. Gigi has gifted a dear friend with a shawl.

Jasmin is knitting another Kaanteinen hat for a very young friend, out of Claudia Handpainted Yarn in the Sharks colorway. Gigi reminisces about knitting things out of that colorway for Kid Brother Sam.

Jasmin talks about her theme for next year, and she has chosen "Fish or Cut Bait", for next years theme. Gigi has chosen "Exploring Area 51". We are enjoying reading the thread of listener themes on the ravelry board.


 We will be attending
- February 21-24, 2013: Stitches West


We have started this years Do Some Good Contest.
Do some good on a local, statewide, nationwide or universal level.

Prizes so far are:
- A Green Mountain Knitting Bag
- Two Lolo Bar Trios from The Bar Maids- a Claudia Handpainted Yarns kit for a pair of colorwork mittens (from Purlescence Yarns)
- a copy of Magnificent Mittens and Socks, by Anna Zilborg (from XRX books)
- a Pagewood Farm Tinkerbell needle felting scarf kit in amazing shades of red (from Purlescence Yarns)
- and a drop spindle kit from Schacht
- Tess Microfiber ribbon
- A Gleam Fingering Yarn kit from The Sincere Sheep
- Knitting it Old School, by Stitchy McYarnpants and Caro Sheridan
-a mug from
-a Creatively Dyed sock and soap kit

Closing date for entries is January 6th

Mother Knows Best:(17:43)

We answered a question from our "What do you want to hear about thread",  from destined2knit, about why we ball up our yarn one skein at a time vs. all at once.

When Knitting Attacks:(20:55)

Gigi has problems with the gauge for her Eadon for her SPAKAL. She was trying to knit the Uber Cowl for Jasmin out of Cascade Magnum, but the pattern had issues. Also, she downloaded too many videocasts, and that made her phone as slow as molasses in January.

Congratulations to Erin, of Anatomy of Knitting, on the birth of her twin sons.


This week we are purloining the Enabler segment from the Knitting in Circles videocast, hosted by Amy and Darren.

Jasmin talks about CrankinSocks's Viewz boots by Skacel. She mentions a few other styles of clear shoes that were less than successful. She is happy about being able to show off her hand knit socks in them.

In Stitches :(30:25)

Jasmin has been wearing her trekking socks. Gigi, again, has been wearing handknit socks every day,  her Knitmore Girls cowl, and wristers every night. And her gray beaded Citron.

Jasmin wore her Tangled Yoke cardigan, and her Carli cardigan. Genevieve wore the baby mine cardigan that she was gifted by the Purlescence Girls.


This week we review Knitting the Chill Away, published by Martingale. She prefers Coastal Knits for mother- daughter patterns

Holidays with the Knitmore Girls:(39:46)

Low prep- high fun.  We used the Crab Boil mix from Penzey's. Eggnog from The Joy of Cooking. Marcel's Chocolate Mousse from Top Chef The Cookbook. Creme Brulee French Toast.

And Sew On:(44:18)

We made sweater size project bags with custom printed fabric from The tutorial from Sew Daily left something to be desired.

We talk about stitch markers from WeeOnes on etsy. Jasmin mentions

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