Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shenanigans - Episode 202 - The Knitmore Girls


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While winter brings feeling of nesting or hunkering down, it also means a picking up a piece or two of handcrafts. The oven works overtime for those holiday family favorites, quilters stitch just a tad faster to complete works of art before gift giving officially opens, and knitters dash to their local yarn store to squeeze in one more scarf or pair of socks for that last minute gift. As you are crafting wonders, Bar-Maids continues to handcraft yummy goodness for your skin ... all to to help you....even if you continue to create into the wee morning hours. Bar-Maids handcrafts their products with natural skin loving oils and butters; everything your skin needs to keep it soft and moisturized and nothing it doesn't. Since you use our hands a tad more in this season, let Lo-Lo help keep them moisutrized. It's simple! Get your hands wet, shake the water off and get your Lo-Lo on before you pick-up needle, cookie cutter, or drop spindle.
Purlescence Yarns is the Bay Area's destination yarn shop. From the best in spinning and weaving equipment to luxurious yarns and fibers, we have what you need to make your fibery dreams a reality. We're always happy to provide mail order service for Knitmore Girls listeners. Call us today, it'll be on its way!
The Sheep Shop is a welcoming yarn shop in the historic university town of Cambridge, England, only 50 miles from London. You'll find fabulous touchy-feely yarns, including a fine selection of local and British yarns, cashmere, angora, llama, a variety of wools and other bundles of wonder alongside what you need to knit and crochet. We think choosing what you’re going to make and feel between your fingers is one of life’s pleasures, and we want to make it a pleasure for you to find what you need. Make yourself comfy on our sofa, there’s a Ravelry station and coffee on tap. Making beautiful things brings enormous satisfaction – let us satisfy you!

On The Needles:(0:31)

Gigi is making slow progress on her No Tears Socks. Jasmin is enjoying knitting the hem of the Playful Stripes Cardigan, and her sharp ChiaoGoo Needles needles are making it easier.
Gigi is knitting socks for Genevieve out of yarn left over from the Hobbit Sock.
Gigi finished her second Shawl Collared Cowl. Also, she is knitting the Tiny Tealeaves Cardigan out of eggplant colored Madeline Tosh dk. Jasmin mentions GreenTriangleGirl, from the A playful day podcast.

We discuss the finale of Project Runway.


We will be attending
- Stitches West: February 21-24, 2013

Mother Knows Best:(12:21)

We answer a listener question about etiquette on self promotion for pattern designers.


This week we purloin the adventurous spirit and love of all things unusual from the electric sheep from the Hoxton Handmade Podcast. Gigi reminisses about Halloweens past.


This week we review
Knitting Never Felt Better, by Nicky Epstein.

And Sew On:(31:59)

Jasmin is working on a mouse costume for Genevieve (Simplicity 2506). She is inordinately impressed with the paw applique that Gigi did for the soles of the booties. We were going to do reverse threaded darts, which is a really elegant technique.

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