Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Purl with an Accent - Episode 194 - The Knitmore Girls

SPAKAL swatch

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On The Needles:(0:32)

Gigi has finished the knitting part of her Mishke. While Jasmin is working on sleeves for Andrew's baseball jersey, Gigi is working on the sleeves of her Featherweight. Jasmin finished Genevieve's  Mini Mondo Cable Cardi. She is thinking of getting special order zippers for both of their Mondo's from

Gigi is halfway done with her Sister Joan shawl. Jasmin blocked the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket. Gigi did finishing work on a purse, using iron on interfacing. We mention Project Runway, and Tom and Lorenzo's blog comments.

Mother Knows Best:(16:21)

Our new mother gives some advice about attending spinning events.


This week we purloin "The Anatomy of....", from The Anatomy of Knitting Videocast, hosted by Erin.

We talked about attending the wool auction at the Monterey County Fair.  We also looked at the Home Arts display at the fair. We think that knitters should be entering the judging.  Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Louis Obispo County residents are eligible to enter.
Also mentioned, Joan from Monarch Knitting and we reference the Band Candy episode from Buffy.


 This week we review The Sock Report Volume One, edited by Janel Laidman.

And Sew On:(36:10)

We are itching to start serious sewing and we review Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing.

Straw Into Gold:(42:24)

 Gigi is spinning on Turkish drop spindles, just to keep practicing. Jasmin is swatching her yarn for the SPAKAL, and doing 3, 4 and 5 ply swatches. She is working on a  Merino Border Leicester cross fleece on her MiniSpinner.

We review "The Gentle Art of Plying" DVD, by Judith McKenzie McCuin. Jasmin mentions The Intentional Spinner, and Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning.

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