Monday, June 11, 2012

Tastes like pink - Episode 183 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(00:37)

Jasmin is working on her Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig out of her hand spun. Gigi has done a few teeth onto her Kleio. Jasmin is working on her Mini Mondo Cabled Cardi, out of Abstract Fiber Miro.  Gigi  is thinking of doing a Baby Rocky Coast Cardigan for Genevieve.  She also has finished a pair of stipey socks out of Regia and cast on socks for Genevieve.  Jasmin has put a few more rows onto her Daybreak Shawl.  Gigi has finished another sock and hasn't cast on the second one, because she needs to look up directions for the Channel Island cast on. Jasmin mentions Handbreak to convert DVDs to MP4s.

We talked about our outing to the Retzlaff Winery,  and buying Jensen Turkish spindles from Carolina Homespun.  Jasmin also bought some Wood beams wood conditioner there. She also bought two pounds of cormo top from Sue Reuser to make sweaters for Genevieve. She also bought some excellent blush wine from the Retzlaff Winery. We also mentioned the port wine from the Savannah Chanel Winery. We chatted with Tracy and Barb, from the Two Knit Lit Chicks podcast, and Manda from Knitting Psychos.

We also talked about our visit to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, which is our local County Hospital. This is the place to which we take the preemie hats that out listeners have donated. Jasmin mentioned the Remembering Remy project.

We spent WWKIP day at the Ainsley House in Campbell; we mention the Bar Maids promotion on Facebook.


September 3rd, we are planning to attend the Monterey Wool Auction, at the Monterey County Fairgrounds.


 Spring Cleaning Contest, ends July 2nd. Read the thread on the board and get ideas and contribute your own! Jasmin is upping the ante- for each extra 50 entries we are adding a new prize.

For the first 200 entries, we have THREE prize packs from the Bar Maids that each include:
- A Lo-lo to go bar
- A Lo-lo body bar
- A cuticle intensive stick
- An O' For Feets Sake

And our fourth prize is a subscription to Entangled Magazine

For our fifth prize we added an XRX book duo including: Swing, Swagger, Drape by Janet Slicer-Smith, and Magnificent Mittens and Socks, by Anna Zilboorg

Mother Knows Best:(30:48)

This week we answer a question about how we get so much knitting and sewing done. We mention the Breezy cardigan,, and Carson Demer's ergonomic advice


This week we purloined Nature Notes from the Knitting Pipeline podcast. Jasmin mentions The Perfect Scoop, by David Lebovitz


This week we are reviewing Namaste bags: the Boardwalk bag, the mini messenger bag, the Laguna bag, and the Mommy on the Move changing pad/wipe case combo.

Straw into Gold:(57:13)

Jasmin has been working on spinning some Rambouillet while wearing Genevieve in the Ergo carrier. Thank  you's to the other podcasters who are team leaders for Team Sasquatch for the Tour de Fleece.

BONUS! After the "outro" music, some audio from DangerMouse!


  1. oh my! i really see something about gigi (well, as much as you can tell from pics of course) in that sweet little face! thanks for sharing pics. nice sweater :)

  2. What a cutie! I just wanted to say that it is totally refreshing hearing about all your knitting and sewing adventures with babies in tow. As a mum of four I know only too well the need to create in and around babies, small and big children. I love how you take your wee one with you, spin with her in sling and knit around her head. life with fibre and kids can definitely co-exist! well done :)

  3. The essence of sweetness! AWWWW, what a darling baby girl!! ;-)))


  4. I, too, think she is so delicious! I was nosing around Ravelry this a.m. and couldn't help thinking of your little one when I saw "Avi" by Eileen Vito. You've GOT to make this for Genevieve!!

  5. Lovely to hear Genevieve. She should have her own podcast bless her! Really enjoy the podcast, can imagine the california sunshine when I am looking out at our lovely english rain.

  6. Wow, your wee one is looking so beautiful and she is growing so fast!

    I loved hearing her giggles at the end of the podcast - irrisistable.

    Thanks for answering my questions. I shall now rethink my whole way of working and like the idea of stashing work in places I am likely to pause a while (I hadn't even thought about the car, doh).

    The RSI question was because I suffered several years ago and I stopped knitting for a while because of it. Now I have started knitting again, I was worried that it would recur, but the advice you gave sounds very sensible and I shall ensure I break frequently and vary my activities.

    Above all I feel you have given me permission to start a load of new projects - yay!

  7. Oh my goodness, that little girl sounds sweet. Now I have two of your podcasts that can never be erased. This one and the interview with Barbara Walker. Priceless, both of them.