Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sisyphus - Episode 181 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles:(00:30)

Gigi is knitting socks for Genevieve out of leftovers from her latest projects. Jasmin is still working on Andrew's second Houdini sock.  Also she has almost finished the garter wrap baby kimono. The body is done, and the finishing details are left. Gigi has finished a pair of socks for Genevieve. Jasmin is still working on her Daybreak.  Gigi finished knitting the Morehouse Dragon. Gigi is also working on the Mishke sweater from Cocoknits Studio, and plugging away on the fringe of the Kleio shawl by Romi Hill. We have been listening to podcasts, some new including:

Down Cellar Studio
Commuter Knitter Podcast
Savvy Girls
Electric Sheep
Two Knit Lit Chicks
The Knit Girllls
Sassypants Knitter
His and Hers Knitting podcast
Die Urbane Spinstube
Susanne macht Sachen
Madi's Blog
Essen, Stricken, Lesen
Fiber and Fabric Podcast

Happy fourth podcast-iversary to us!

We are listening to vintage knitting music recorded by Melanie Gall (Knitting All the Day). We like it a lot.


- June 2nd: Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery, in Livermore, CA
     - Bring a chair, sun screen, cash, checkbook, spinning, something for the potluck, and a hat
- June 9: World Wide Knit In Public Day, we will be in front of the Ainsley House in Campbell, CA
     - Bring a chair, hat, sunscreen, snack and/or cash


Spring Cleaning Contest, ends July 2nd. Read the thread on the board and get ideas and contribute your own! Jasmin is upping the ante- for each extra 50 entries we are adding a new prize.

For the first 200 entries, we have THREE prize packs from the Bar Maids that each include:
- A Lo-lo to go bar
- A Lo-lo body bar
- A cuticle intensive stick
- An O' For Feets Sake

Look on Pinterest for good organizing ideas.

Mother Knows Best:(27:33)

Learn something new! Check out a tutorial in a magazine, blog, video

Jasmin learned how to do mitered corners on blankets from the tutorial in the July/August 2003 issue of Piecework magazine. And she sewed piping on a blanket using the instructions in Fantastic Finishes from Rodale's Successful Quilting Library. Gigi learned how to do the knitted graft from the Knitting Daily.

The Knitmore Girls have posted a tutorial on how to sew on buttons and how to attach grosgrain ribbon to the button band of a cardigan. (Links in sidebar.)


This week we are stealing "Today's Sweater" from Cast On hosted by Brenda Dayne.


This week we are reviewing Weaving Made Easy, by Liz Gipson. Published by Interweave Press
Jasmin also mentions the The Handweaver's Pattern Directory.

And Sew On:(49:36)

Jasmin is sewing blankets for Genevieve, using different edge treatments. And sewing piping, rick rack, and mitered corners is not hard.

Straw Into Gold:(53:48)

Jasmin has been spinning for her SPAKAL.  Her totals are 5 oz on the wheel and 5oz on spindles.  She has switched from spinning on the KCL woods spindle to the more economical Ol'Lars spindle (425-255-3073). We also heard that Abby from the Knit Knit Cafe podcast has finished her SPAKAL spinning.
Join Team Sasquatch for the Tour de Fleece!


  1. Always good to hear you both. I too am a fan of steeks. See the progress on the Fairisle Vest on


    Fiona MacBride

  2. Because you talked about the Houdini sock, and I love knitting socks, I decided to try it. I've just opened the sock up and rearranged the stitches to begin knitting the leg from the center back. I'm pretty happy with the process. I didn't use waste yarn because I really wanted to try picking up and cutting the knitting. I guess I need to steek next huh?

  3. I started listening from the beginning and have finally caught up. Thank you for the wonderful show ladies! I love the information, laughs, and encouragement!

  4. Oh wow - you mentioned my podcast!! (But you forgot to link in the shownotes...)

    Such a great episode <3

    Allt he best,

  5. Thanks so much for the link in the shownotes. You ladies are fabulous!!!