Monday, October 31, 2011

Running downhill - Episode 167 - The Knitmore Girls


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Lisa Souza has a brand new lace yarn for your pleasure. Grace is a beautiful combination of 80% merino with 20% silk for just the right amount of sheen and handle. We have been putting the yarn through its paces and love the results, as will you. Grace is put up in 4 ounce/744 yard skeins and comes in at $24, which is a great price point, making for some serious stash enhancement for you or the other lace lovers in your circle. Now, which color to choose? Come by the website at and just try to decide.

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On the Needles:( 0:32)

We will be taking an indefinite break starting on January 1st.  We will leave you with a list of podcasts to listen to.

Gigi is working on the Katriel in Cascade Venezia Sport, by Robin Ulrich, the designer of the Sothia. She has also started the Kleio, by Romi Hill.  Her Rocky Coast Cardigan has been swatched out of Cascade Ecological Wool.  She is also working on the Katje, a hooded, top down cardigan, by Coco Knits and is worried about running out of the Venezia Bulky.  The Odelia, by Cocoknits, out of Silk and Wool, by Tess Yarns,  is coming along nicely,

Jasmin is working on her Daybreak. She is also working on her Rocky Coast Cardigan.
She asked for creative input from voolenvine who suggested a garter stitch baby kimono, in a lovely red Skinny Bugga from The Sanguine Gryphon. Her mini blue streak cardigan is almost done.

Mother Knows Best: ( 25:31)

We answered a questions about:
- Blocking or weaving ends first, where to switch from one balls of yarn
- We NEVER use glue for knitting or sewing.
- Fraycheck for microfiber ribbon is a good idea though.
- How to sew in ends.  Joining pieces. 

We referenced Lucy Neatby, Kaffe Fassett, and mentioned Paula from the Knitting Pipeline Podcast.

When Knitting Attacks: (36:56)

Gigi needs to make notes of what project she is ordering yarn for, especially when it is a whole bag of Chunky Baby Alpaca.  Jasmin's stash is refusing to give up its secrets. She is sure she has a bag of navy blue Malabrigo, as well as some gray  Ceallach yarn which is also evading capture in her stash.

Review: (44:16)

This week we review Knit Local by Tanis Gray.

Straw Into Gold:( 51:57)

Jasmin thinks that having a minispinner would be handy.  She is spinning up the last bit of the fiber for the 10 year sweater.   She mentions a conflict over knitted items on True Blood.  She needs to take more breaks while she is spinning.

She answered a question about spinning airy worsted weight yarn, and discussed Cascade 220 vs the heavier Miro by Abstract fiber. She mentioned the Butter by Nadia dresses, which are heavy and feel expensive.  We also mention Haagen Dazs Ice cream.  Which relates to swatching and drape of knitted fabric.

We mention Jasmin's Fulling Yak video.


  1. The Green is absolutely amazing... I love it!!!!!!

  2. Forgetting why you purchased yarn is not only your issue. I've come up with a solution for me that will never let that happen again. On Ravelry you can indicate the future yarn in the notes section of your queued items. Then tag the project with yarnwishlist. Now you can find the project easily.

  3. Brenda is back podcasting over at, so that might want to go on the list o'podcasts!