Monday, June 21, 2010

The boys are back! - Episode 106 - The Knitmore Girls


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Join us in welcoming Sandi Rosner, Friday (July 2, 2010 7:00 - 8:00pm) one of the great minds behind Think Outside the Sox, as she shares the inspiration for the contest, the selection process of the winning socks, and more! Sandi will be available to sign books after the talk.

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On the needles: (1:01)

This week, Gregory and Andrew take over the show. Andrew is still a monogamous knitter and is working on the Not Your Standard Issue sweatshirt in Manos for Jasmin. Andrew talks about winning some roving for the oldest WIP at a yarn shop. Gregory is working on another cardigan in blue and green Divé. Gregory is working on the New York Niece knee socks.

Husband knows best: (6:18)

Andrew brags about hand-knit socks. The guys discuss the fashion of wearing socks with sandals. The guys like Teva sandals. Andrew mentions Chaco sandals.

When knitting attacks! (15:32)

Gregory talks about fixing a cable. Andrew neglects to knit the cap on a sleeve.

Reviews: (19:16)
Andrew and Gregory review "Guy Knits" by XRX books. Andrew likes the Perfectly Plain Vest. They agree that the production is good, and it's worth a flip through. They discuss balancing plain knitting with more interesting knitting.

They also review Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein, and both guys LOVE it! Andrew makes note of the cable knit mug from Starbucks. Andrew loves the Raglan Sleeved Henley, and wants it made out of handspun. Andrew tells a story about a fateful sweater fitting. The guys also mention the Warm and Ready set as well.

Tour de Fleece training: (31:49)

Traditional cyclists
Week 5: Clean your wheel. Go out on a nice day!

Hand cyclists
Week 5: Read through the directions, highlight your size, and make sure you're in the Team Sasquatch Ravelry group!

Straw into Gold: (36:32)

Gregory talks about learning the park and draft method of spinning.


  1. Ok, I usually don't leave comments, but this episode just made me laugh! Great job guys!

  2. Great show, guys! You two need a podcast of your own.

  3. You guys made me laugh. Nice job.

  4. hahaha! great episode!
    Can the four of you do one sometime? that would really be fun.

  5. Enjoyed the episode! The stories were great. I love the guy perspective on patterns. Very helpful.

    Thanks for the podcast!

  6. I am glad you folks enjoyed it, we had a lot of fun doing the show. I enjoy the chemistry with Andrew and look forward to doing more shows. We have been talking about doing a show with the four of us.

    Happy Knitting,

  7. This show was wonderful! You guys did a GREAT job. I especially loved your sock advice with sandals. I wear socks ALL the time and live in San Diego. The four of you would be so wonderful together.

  8. Frenchconnection (Ravelry)July 17, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    As much as I enjoy the ladies, I agree that these men should have a podcast as well. Very entertaining and interesting.