Monday, April 12, 2010

Intermittant knittin' - Episode 96 - The Knitmore Girls


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Luscious Lo-Lo bars have landed at Purlescence Yarns. What is a Lo-Lo Bar, you ask? Bar-Maids brings us these wonderful lotion bars, super moisturizing & great for popping into your knitting bag to keep your hands soft and smooth, especially great when knitting or spinning silk. You can even use it to scrunch in your hair for frizz-free shine. They come in wonderful scents like Red Clover Tea (our favorite), Blackberry Sage, Cool Citrus Basil, to name but a few. Plain Jane is scent free. Grab your Lo-Lo To Go!

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On the needles: (00:32)

Jasmin has finished the collar on her Mondo Cable Cardi. Gigi has finished a pair of Opal Vanilla Socks. Gigi has started the second sleeve of her Mondo Cable pulli. Jasmin has a (super) old UFO! Gigi is working on the Frost Flowers Stole by Charlene Schurch out of Colrain Lace. We attended CNCH, and discuss the vendors, the exhibitions, and Tien Chiu's incredible wedding outfit.

Events: (20:51)

- Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival: 5/1-2. Meet and greet will be happening on Saturday, 5/1 from 11-1pm. The meet and greet will be located at the Columbia Sip N Knit hospitality area (to the left of the main gate, outside the main gate).
- Spinning at the Retzlaff Winery: 6/5

Contest: (23:54)

The Project Runway inspired contest! Use your imagination, and post to the contest thread. We'll be closing the contest on 5/8, and announcing the winners in the 5/9 episode.

Mother knows best: (26:05)

We talk about keeping track of projects when your knittin' is intermittant.

When knitting attacks: (33:26)

Gigi is foiled by both knitting and spinning. Jasmin drops her carefully marked pattern (for the Brandywine Shawl) behind the sideboard and has to use her Hulk strength (and a broom) to retrieve it. Gigi is repeatedly attacked by her Frost Flowers stole.

Straw into Gold: (38:56)

Jasmin talked about plying the Polwarth from Crown Mountain Farms. She has started spinning some of the Abstract Fiber Superwash Merino in "Vineyard" for Andrew, and is surprised at how the colors present. Jasmin is nearly finished spinning the Cormo for her Tempest cardigan.


  1. Hello!

    I have a funny story I thought you might appreciate. We are traveling and my 13 year old son was doing some people watching in a theme park. "Hey, Mom," he said, "I saw someone with pink hair like Jasmin's. It's straight, though." Too funny as he has never met you and I wasn't aware of how much he listens to your podcast. My ritual is to listen has he completes homework nearby on Monday evenings. I guess he's been listening!

    So I told him kiddingly he could attend Rhinebeck next year with me and possibly meet you. (We live in NY.) I was shocked when he said he'd like that! You've made some kind of impact on him from across the miles!

    Thanks for the great show...and what's with the teaser about fleeces from CNCH, but no detail? Inquiring minds want to know about breeds, colors, you know! :)


  2. I am trying to learn drop spindle while also taking a spinning class so I can sympathize with you, Gigi. Though my problem is keeping is spinning in the right direction

  3. Getting ready to listen to the podcast! LOVE LOVE the way you captured the color and texture of your cardi in the picture!! That color looks scrumptious!