Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic FEVER - Episode 89 - The Knitmore Girls


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Abstract Fiber will be at
Stitches West in booth 642! We've got Hedonism in a very limited supply of gorgeous jewel tones. Plus new colors in every fiber, our new lace yarn Hepburn, and chocolate candy for when you need a little pick-me-up. There's seating nearby, so come hang out with us and see what goodies we've brought you. See you at Booth 642!

From now until midnight
March 5, 2010, use the code "MCcardi" or "MCpulli" in the Chic Knits shopping cart when purchasing your Mondo Cable Cardi or Pulli pattern to get a 20% discount on your purchase! Rock the needles with the Mondo Cable KAL!

Stitches West is less than a week away! We at Purlescence Yarns are making our final preparations for a wonderful Stitches weekend. Be sure to come by our booth for the Meet & Greet with the Knitmore Girls
on Saturday and check out the Chic Knits patterns, new designs for the show, loads of beautiful Cascade Yarns - including the Venezia Worsted Gigi raves about - many perfect choices for the Mondo Cable KAL!

On the needles: (0:32)

Jasmin has been plowing her way through her Seneca sweater. We get approached (a la KIPing it Real) a ton at Saturday Knitting. Gigi is still working on her dishcloth baby blanket. Jasmin is resolving her issues over back twisting cables, probably because of her Leslie Wind Cable needle.

Gigi's "Color Your Own" cardigan is moving slowly, but progressing nicely. Gigi is already planning her next Philosopher's sweatter (the Kilim). Jasmin has finished her Hey Jude socks. Gigi is assembling the Boo Sweater. Jasmin has cast on a sock out of her Crocodile Walk

We will be interviewing Galina again! Please post your questions for Galina here. Our chat with Susan (from the Knitajourney podcast) has gone live!

handspun.Events: (20:46)

Stitches West! February 25-28th.

FRIDAY: Abstract Fiber, 12-1, booth 642.

SATURDAY: Purlescence Yarns, 12-1, booths 830/832/834/836. (It’s one big booth.)

Contest: (23:09)

We will be running our UFO Finish-a-long contest through the end of March.

Mother Knows Best: (24:03)

We dip into the "what do you want to hear about" thread, and talk about shoulder seams. Gigi mentions the Cocoknits bias bind-off technique.

When Knitting Attacks: (32:05)

Gigi rethinks lining the Boo Sweater. Jasmin, in her Olympic Fever, forgets to mention the Mondo Cable KAL. (Abstract Fiber and Purlescence Yarns are offering 10% off of KAL materials, ChicKnits has a 20% off discount code - "MCcardi" or "MCpulli", through March 5th.) We'll be casting on March 1st. Gigi has a blocking mishap with her Icarus shawl.

Straw into Gold: (45:39)

Jasmin talks about what she does with leftover fleece.


  1. Just wanted to say~
    I JUST started listening to your podcasts (started from EP.01!) and realized you guys are in San Jose!!! I grew up in Cupertino and when I heard you say "Santana Row" and Ben & Jerry, I was like WHATTTT!!! =D

    Anyways, I really enjoy your shows, I get homesick every time! and I wish I can go to Stitches West but it's a bit too far from me now (from Irvine).


  2. Love your podcast. Warm and cosy! Thanks so much. I'm new to it so will really enjoy going back and listening to your earlier podcasts. Can't wait to hear about Stitches West...I live in the UK!