Monday, August 10, 2009

Sock Summit Field Update – Sunday

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Greetings, readers! Today was the last day of the Sock Summit, and wow, did we have an amazing day! We had one last interview, and it was a biggie.



That’s right. Barbara G. Walker, in all her amazingness. She is so gracious, kind, funny and a real inspiration. There aren’t enough nice words to describe her, and being in her company was just incredible. (We’re still a little shocked that it really happened.) We can’t wait to share the audio, and the experience with all of our listeners! (Seriously, I’m getting a rush just thinking about it!)

Barbara marked the last interview of the Sock Summit, and after we dropped off our sound equipment, we ran into none other than Casey, or as I refer to him, Mr. Ravelry.


After that, there were a few small things we wanted to pick up from the market, and while we were in the WEBS booth, we ran into a couple of listeners. They asked if we would be in attendance at the Luminary Panel, and I admitted that I was keeping my ears open for anyone who was planning on selling their seats- because I was under the impression that it had sold out long ago, and we had just missed the boat.

It appears that I was misinformed. Our helpful listeners told us that they had heard that there were still tickets for sale, and I made a beeline to get ours. We got in! Mom and I sat down with Lisa and Maribel (who were two of the three women who helped us SO much this last week), and Abbyknitz showed us her Mesmers!


The Luminary Panel was A-MA-ZING. It was an all-star lineup, and not only are all of these women brilliant and creative- they’re all really, really funny. (I saw a cameraman in the room, and I have the distinct feeling that it might be made available at some point. I will follow up with the right people and talk about it on the podcast when I have more details.) We were all moved by the stories they told and the responses that came from the panel, and we were so glad that we were there to listen.

I may have mentioned on the podcast that our family has a strong tradition of oral history, so we tend to love hearing and telling stories. This was really no exception, and we found ourselves caught up in the history and discussion. It was an amazing event, and I think, a great way of celebrating the memory of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s birthday.

Afterwards, we decided to end our experience with a trip to the legendary Voodoo Donuts.


He’s even more delicious than he looks. (Mom got a cinnamon cruller, but it didn’t last long enough for a picture.)

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone – ChloeSparkle, Lisa, and Maribel were the best friends anyone could ask for. They helped haul equipment, they made wine runs, they valiantly stuffed goodie bags, and anything that needed doing was done cheerfully. We are so grateful (and so lucky) to have such awesome friends. Thanks to Jody (and Knotions) for having the AWESOME idea of doing Sock Summit Field Updates so that we could share our experience with all of the folks who couldn’t make it.

Most importantly, thanks to all of you, the readers. We hoped you enjoyed the Field Updates, and we hope to do them again for the next event we attend.


  1. Thanks for the field updates. Lots of work!!! Thanks for the meetups, too and I'm really looking forward to the Barbara Walker interview. I enjoyed her lecture so much at Sock Summit that it will be great to listen to more of her. She was just lovely and so unassuming, funny and a beautiful speaker. Inspiring to say the least....

    Uli (mommyknits on Rav)

  2. Enjoyed the updates. It was fun seeing parts of sock summit without being there.

  3. Looks like so much fun!! I can't wait to hear more about it!!

  4. Can't wait to hear the audio from all your interviews! Will it be an extra-long show? You must have so much great material!

  5. OMG! That chocolate dude with the pretzel through his heart looks absolutely deee-lish!

  6. I double the thanks to Jody (and Knotions) for the idea of field updates. All known podcasters and bloggers - except Knitmore - that have been enthusing about Sock Summit fell silent last week. By the time everybody unpacks and recovers there will be something new to talk about.
    Sounds like a good time was had by all. Don't forget to tell the organizers!

  7. Wow - just WOW. I can't wait to hear the Barbara Walker interview. Thanks for the updates - I've really enjoyed keeping up with Sock Summit since I couldn't be there in person. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

  8. You Knitmores rock big time. What fun we had with you! Can't wait for the podcasts. Don't forget to come to Rhinebeck!

  9. I loved meeting you both at Sock Summit. Thanks so much for the Ravelry button! I can't wait to hear the interview. Keep it up!

  10. Thanks for the field updates. As one of the several who couldn't go, I appreciate it! I can't wait to hear about it all on the podcast. And OMG! You touched Barbara Walker! Were you immediately infused with knitting genius? :D

  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to do the updates! I'm from FL and due to have a baby any moment so could not make it to Sock Summit! Your updates were the next best thing! I can't wait to listen to the upcoming podcast! Thanks again!