Sunday, April 19, 2009

If you give a knitter Cookie A - Episode 49 - The Knitmore Girls


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On the Needles: (2:13)

Thanks for all of your feedback about the Galina interview!

Gigi has finished the first stage of her Carli. She has shortened the sleeves by an inch to compenstate for being petite. Jasmin has completed knitting the body, the first sleeve, and is nearly finished with the second sleeve of her Katarina.

Gigi and Jasmin received a special package (from Rosemary Hill) of closures for the Knit(more)-A-Long. Here's what they look like:



You can purchase them here.

Jasmin used the crocheted provisional cast-on that she learned in Lucy Neatby's class (or at Tika's knee) when she cast on the sleeves. She notices that the sleeves will need to be blocked a little more agressively. Jasmin and Steamy will work on this.

Gigi and Jasmin talk about the Knit(more)-a-long being at your own pace. Jasmin has cast on her Carli in Malabrigo "Little Lovely".

Jasmin bought one of the Jade Sapphire "Cashmere Scarf For Him" kits (in "Five O'Clock Shadow") from Bobbin's Nest. She talks about purchasing habits that have changed because of the Social Pressure Experiment. Jasmin talks about using the ChiaoGoo needles.

Gigi has completed the second ball of her Buffalo Gals yarn for the On the Vine scarf. Gigi talks about the intelligent, couture quality of the Marta sweater. (You can find the KnitScience episode that deals with couture here.) Gigi talks about a yarn acquisition that isn't red (Jo Sharp Aran Tweed in a plummy color).

Mother Knows Best: (34:03)

Gigi recommends alternating skeins of handpainted yarns to avoid color shock. Jasmin agrees that this is also a good idea for evening out handspun yarns. Jasmin talks about her handspun Ribbi Cardi, and how one sleeve has significantly more rows than the other because of the variation in handspun thickness.

When Knitting Attacks: (38:59)

Gigi miscounts on her Marta. Jasmin discovers a "bad bobbin", and it takes discussion to discover that it's not her, it's the bobbin.

Review: (44:29)

This week, Andrew joins us to review Cookie A's Sock Innovation. We give it six inspired thumbs up. Jasmin talks about Cookie's more acheivable socks (the Monkey socks, Hedera). Jasmin talks about using Dream in Color Smooshy, Regia Silk, or Tanis Fiber Arts sock yarn for these socks. Jasmin thinks this may be her "
Little Box of Socks".

Straw Into Gold: (54:41)

Jasmin talks about spinning the Abstract Fiber 50% cashmere/50% silk roving (in Hydrangea). Jasmin talks about spinning both cashmere and silk at higher speeds to get it finer and tighter.

For a really excellent definition of "woolen" spinning, go give this episode of Stitch-It a listen.

To practice spinning cashmere, use cotton roving. Jasmin encourages you to spin your good stuff and not "save" it.

Jasmin is nearly done spinning Tallulah.


  1. Will you be commenting about the Wendy Johnson book also? I'd like both your opinions. Thanks

  2. Could you both discuss what notions you carry around in your knitting bags in a future episode? Do you add more items for classes that your travel to? Will you both be attending the Sock Summit?

  3. There are nine pages of errata for Cookie A's book - just wanted everyone know where to find the corrections -

  4. The heel chart for Eunice is wrong

    Also there are problems with Lindsay - page 120 should say: Bottom of first column on page 120. Replace "Work Set-up chart for 1 rnd" with "NEXT RND: K2, p2, [work Pattern chart row 2] 5 times, p2."
    The set-up rnd replaces row 1 of the chart for the first repeat only.

    Interweave has been notified but these changes don't show up on the errata page yet.