Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's all interchangeable! - Episode 34 - The Knitmore Girls

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We would like to thank Chloe Sparkle and Tika for appearing on the podcast this week.


We announce the winners of our "Do Some Good" contest!

On the needles:

Gigi has finished her second red Saturn Regia sock (Jasmin helped with the blue Saturn pair). Gigi has finished the second sleeve on the neckdown wrap cardigan. She has finished the first sock (Color: Argyle Socks, Pattern: vanilla) in the Claudia's Handpaints fingering weight. JasminGigi have updated their Ravelry project pages.

Gigi finished her second Honeycomb sock, and has finished a pink Jet Regia sock, a blue Jet Regia sock, and the first blue Saturn Regia sock.

Jasmin, Tika and Chloe have been having loads of knitting adventures this week. Jasmin and Chloe found some Japanese stitch dictionaries. (Links to some of them: 1, 2, 3.) Tika and Jasmin went to Bobbin's Nest on Tuesday and did a little stash acquistion. (They both bought some HazelKnits sock yarn to try, and Tika bought some Pagewood Farms sock yarn.)

Chloe and Jasmin went hunting for dress forms at the Mervyn's closing sale- which they are using as photo props for their knitting. The whole group attended the Commuknity closing sale on Friday and Sunday.

Jasmin has worked on her Mesmer socks, her DayGlo socks, and a pair of Secret Socks. (Secret socks are being submitted to Knitty, and if they're rejected, they'll be a giveaway on the podcast.) The creative muse is contagious!

Chloe is on a blanket kick! She's knitting some really awesome blankets (including the "Super Sized Entrelac" blanket and a chevron blanket). Tika is working on a pair of Jacoby mitts out of Claudia's handpaints fingering weight (color: Pistachio).

Jasmin finished spinning the black and gold silk/merino batt from Crystal Creek Fibers for Gigi. Jasmin is casting on a pair of socks in Lisa Souza's Hardtwist Petitie (in Blackpurple).


We review four different types of interchangeable circular needles:

Addi Clicks

Denise Interchangeable Needle Set

Boye Needlemaster 200

Knitpicks Nickel and Harmony: (Here is the article from Knitter's Review.)

Mother Knows Best:

We discuss New Year's resolutions. Gigi resolves to weave in ends immediately, always have an UFO in her knitting bag, sew more, "snail" less, and learn more applications on her iPhone.

Jasmin discusses "Jasmin 2008" and delves into the basics of "Jasmin 2009". This year, Jasmin resolves to experiment more and live more in the moment. (This is the link to the awesome a capella thing, here's a link to the UC Berkeley Men's Octet videos.)

Tika has also resolved to experiment more. (Tika 2009.) Chloe has resolved to knit more out of other people's stashes. Chloe has also resolved to get out and design in public.

When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi has found that doing toe decreases while socializing is not optimal. Jasmin has a fiber related injury.


  1. Hi Knitmore girls,
    I enjoyed your podcast about the different knitting needles. I, too, have a set of Knit Pick Options and have purchased extra needles and cables. I bought my set about a year ago. I think the binders are $20 extra now. My set came in the clear pouch.
    I wanted to add that one of my favorite parts about the Options and Harmony set is that whenever I get a little nervous about my knitting whether it's socks, sweaters, soakers, or anything in the round, I put a long piece of dental floss in the tightening hole and knit one round. When back a the beginning of the round I pull the dental floss out of the tightening hole and I have a lifeline. It works so much easier than threading a needle with waist yarn and putting in a lifeline like that. Knit Picks are the best!!
    Cheers from Sonoma and see you at Stitches West. Wooo whoo!

  2. Hi Knitmore Girls,
    What great timing you have!!! I have been pondering which set of needles to purchase as a birthday present to myself this month and I have always wanted a Harmony set but your podcast just sealed the deal for me! I've been using the Boye set for a couple of years and I've never been happy with it. Thank you so much for your input!!

  3. It was amusing to hear Jasmin refer to 50 degrees as "cold outside". It seems like an alternate universe.

  4. .I really appreciated your review of the needles. Although I have a lifetime of knitting needles, I think a set would be nice for travel and see no advantage to buying the Addis when the Options will fill the bill. Good job

  5. I really appreciated your podcast on the interchangeable needles. i received a pair of Knit Picks Options for Christmas and I love them, but, 2 of my 4 cables have a snag where the key fits in the hole to tighten it. After hearing from y'all how great the customer service is with Knit Picks I called and they were wonderful and are sending me 2 new cables! Thanks for such an interesting podcast, Diane

  6. Do you think it might be possible, with some of the longer shows, to put the time marks in the show notes where the different segments start? I think it would be a really helpful reference for those of us who don't use iTunes and don't have that handy bookmark available for the longer episodes.

  7. I cant get this episode to work:( on here or on itunes . I hope I will be able to hear it soon I really enjoy hearing your pod cast