Sunday, December 7, 2008

Knitting by Twilight- Episode 30 - The Knitmore Girls

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On the Needles:

Gigi is working on the Honeycomb Socks (from the 
Little Box of Socks) with Day-Glo Opal and Black Wildfoote. She's also working on a snickerdoodle sock.

Jasmin continues to work on the items she started last week. This week, Jasmin finished Pair #5 of the Black Sock Project for Andrew. Jasmin has cast on another pair of vintage Lisa Souza socks in the colorway "Mahogany", in Serrano. Jasmin continues to work on her Pride Sweater. She's also plugging along on her Mesmer socks.

Gigi is stumbling on her knitting progress in favor of reading the Twilight series. Gigi, Jasmin, Tika, and their entourage went to see Twilight tonight, and Jasmin finished sock #1 of the Yucatan Orchid socks.

Jasmin has been working on her Santa Fe wrap. She has also finished spinning and plying her "Atlantis" sock yarn, from Crown Mountain. Jasmin has also been making some progress on the Maude vest.
Mother Knows Best:

Jasmin decided to knit on her Maude vest while watching a local production of The Nutcracker. This segment is about knitting stripes in the dark.

The "Do some good" contest- make the world a better place. Give a little of your time or resources, let us know, and become eligible to win one of three signed copies of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's "Free Range Knitter". We're also including two skeins of the new Malabrigo sock yarn in the bucket of prizes.
When Knitting Attacks:

Gigi's Snickerdoodle socks bite back.
Holidays with the Knitmore Girls:

Gigi wants to knit miniature versions of the year's projects as ornaments for her tree. Jasmin prefers a simpler way - putting odds and ends of yarn into glass ornaments. Leftover yarn can be used to make decorative tamari balls.

Jasmin reminisces about knitting baby booties out of 50 Baby Booties to Knit and using them as decorative tree ornaments.


  1. Hey, I'd like to join the list for the prizes. This year I have donated,
    children's hats to my sister's hospice office.
    18 hats to our missionaries in Africa.
    food to our church's food pantry
    hats and socks to the Pine Ridge Reservation.
    Of course this was all year long....

  2. This year I have made ornaments to donate to a retirement home. I know it's not much (so far) but please enter me in the drawing for prizes.

  3. Hi knitmore girls! Thanks for hosting such a great contest at this time of year. We haven't done much and you have inspired me to do more. What we have done is sorted through all of my children's toys and if they haven't played with it in the last year and it was in great shape we wrapped them up and placed them under our Christmas tree in our restaurant. Anytime a young child comes in we let them pick out a package. I will be sorting more clothes and winter clothes to take to the family homeless shelter this weekend as well. Thanks again!

  4. Hi, I'd like to enter your contest.
    In the last month, I have donated to a women's shelter, a food bank, and Union Rescue Mission (they serve meals to the homeless).
    I also did the AIDSwalk here in LA and raised over $500 thru donations.

    Love the podcast!