Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day special - Episode 5 - The Knitmore Girls

Happy Mother's Day! Have a Margarita.

Listen here:

Pause the podcast and call your mother!

Done? Good, let's move on.

Gigi reminisces on past Mother's days.

On the Needles:
Mother's day gifties! Red lace yarn, glass circular needles from Michael & Sheila Ernst, and the Persephone Scarf

Learning together:
  • Knit to fit- Rick Mondragon
  • Corset making
  • Judith MacKenzie Dyeing clss
  • TA-ing for each other

When Knitting Attacks:
  • Gigi's Einstein goes haywire. The "Frankenstein Sweater". (Available in The Knit Stitch
  • Jasmin's Einstein kills her knitting mojo. Gigi finishes it, and Jasmin gives the accursed thing to Ursula.


  1. Hi Ladies, I just love love love your podcast! You are doing a great job! With lots of great info and fun things. I just found you this week and listened to all the episodes and look forward to hearing you again!

    Darlene in PEI Canada

  2. Gigi, that is one AWESOME picture.

    I miss you guys! I need to come to a minion get-together when they start up again.